Meaning of OPEN in English


I. adjective


not closed or obstructed

escaped through the open gate

Synonyms: patent, unclosed, unobstructed

Related Word: agape, dehiscent, gaping, patulous, ringent, wide, yawning; ajar; unbarred, unbolted, unfastened, unlocked, unsealed; clear, unimpeded

Contrasted words: blocked, obstructed; constricted, cramped, narrow, strait

Antonyms: closed, shut


lacking a cover or covering

an open wound that continued to ooze blood

his chest open to the sun

Synonyms: bare, denuded, exposed, naked, peeled, stripped, uncovered


Synonyms: liable 2, exposed, obnoxious, prone, sensitive, subject, susceptible

Antonyms: closed


not restricted to a particular group or situation

favored open enrollment in the schools

Synonyms: accessible, open-door, public, unrestricted

Related Word: attainable, available, obtainable, reachable, securable

Idioms: to be had, within reach

Contrasted words: limited, restricted; inaccessible, private

Antonyms: closed


available for use or consideration or decision

there are only two courses open to us

Synonyms: accessible, employable, operative, practicable, usable

Related Word: appropriate, fit, proper, suitable; acceptable, agreeable, pleasing

Idioms: within reach

Contrasted words: inaccessible, inoperative, unusable

Antonyms: closed


Synonyms: doubtful 1, ambiguous, dubious, dubitable, equivocal, indecisive, problematic, uncertain, undecided, unsettled


Synonyms: frank , candid, openhearted, plain, straightforward, unconcealed, undisguised, undissembled, undissembling, unvarnished

Antonyms: close; clandestine

II. verb


to change from a closed to an open condition

open the window

Synonyms: ope, unblock, unclose, undo, unshut, unstop

Related Word: clear, free, release; bare, disclose, expose, reveal

Idioms: lay open, swing open, throw open

Contrasted words: block, occlude, stop

Antonyms: close, shut


to make physically or mentally visible

dawn opened a surprising scene to his startled eyes

Synonyms: disclose, display, expose, reveal, unclothe, uncover, unveil

Related Word: adumbrate, hint, shadow, suggest

Idioms: bring to light, bring to ( or into) view, lay bare, make plain, show forth

Contrasted words: cloak, conceal, hide, screen, secrete, shroud


to make an opening in

decided to open a can of beans

Synonyms: breach, disrupt, hole, rupture

Related Word: break, broach, tap, undo; cut, gash, slash; perforate, pierce

Idioms: lay open

Contrasted words: occlude, shut; fasten, secure

Antonyms: close


to spread out

the eagle slowly opened its mighty wings

Synonyms: expand, extend, fan (out), outspread, outstretch, spread, unfold

Related Word: billow, dilate, distend, swell; cover, mantle, overspread

Contrasted words: collect, concentrate, contract, gather (in)

Antonyms: close


Synonyms: begin 1, commence, embark (on or upon), get off, inaugurate, initiate, jump (off), kick off, launch, start

Antonyms: close


Synonyms: convene 1, meet, sit

III. noun

Synonyms: outdoors , open air, out-of-doors, outside, without

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