Meaning of OPEN in English


adj. 1 ajar, gaping, agape, unfastened, unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unclosed Come on in - the door is open 2 yawning, agape, uncovered, revealed, unsealed, exposed, bare Her uncle escaped by hiding for three nights in an open grave 3 unwrapped, unsealed, unfastened The package was open and the contents gone 4 free, accessible, public, available; obtainable; unrestricted, unobstructed, unencumbered or unincumbered, unimpeded, unhindered, unhampered, unregulated, unconditional, unqualified The parks are open to all We were allowed open access to the library stacks. 5 unprotected, unenclosed, unsheltered, bare; uncovered, exposed They spent a week in an open boat before being rescued The roof can be retracted, leaving the interior completely open to the sky. 6 unsettled, unagreed, unsigned, unsealed, unclinched, unestablished, unconcluded, undecided, pending As far as I am concerned, the deal is open till the contract is signed 7 undecided, unsettled, unresolved, debatable, arguable, problematic, moot, US up in the air Whether they should get married is a question that will remain open until he returns from abroad 8 unscheduled, unbooked, unspoken for, unreserved, uncommitted, free, unpromised The doctor has an hour open at noon on Friday 9 clear, unobstructed, wide open, uncluttered, roomy, spacious, extensive, expansive; treeless, uncrowded, unfenced, unenclosed; ice-free, navigable, unblocked, passable We travelled through open country for days In the spring the shipping lanes will again be open. 10 available, unfilled, vacant, untaken There are not many jobs open in this part of the country 11 receptive, open-minded, flexible, amenable, persuasible or persuadable, pliant, willing, responsive The management is open to suggestions for improving its products and services 12 exposed, public, well-known, widely known, unconcealed That they are living together is an open secret 13 evident, obvious, conspicuous, manifest, clear, unconcealed, unequivocal, plain, palpable, apparent, patent, downright, out and out, blatant, flagrant, glaring, brazen He operates with open disregard for the law 14 generous, liberal, charitable, unreserved, open-handed, liberal, munificent, magnanimous, big-hearted, beneficent, bounteous, unselfish, unstinting, humanitarian, altruistic They are quite open when it comes to giving to charity 15 unreserved, candid, frank, outspoken, straightforward, forthright, direct, honest, sincere, guileless, artless, fair He found it difficult to be open with his wife 16 free, unrestrained, unconstrained, uninhibited, unreserved, unrestricted They have an open marriage, each aware of the other's affairs 17 unfolded, extended, spread (out), outstretched, outspread She ran into my open arms 18 liable, subject, susceptible, exposed, inclined, predisposed, disposed These fraudulent shipping documents may well leave the captain open to prosecution for barratry 19 unprotected, undefended, unfortified, exposed With the invaders at the gates, Paris was declared an open city

v. 20 begin, start, initiate, commence, get under way, inaugurate, launch, put in or into operation, activate, get going, set in motion; establish, set up; Colloq get or start the ball rolling, get or put the show on the road, kick off The minister opened the proceedings with an interminable speech Jeremy is planning to open a restaurant in Pebble Lane. The show opens in Manchester next week. 21 unlock, unbar, unlatch, unbolt, unfasten; uncover; uncork, unseal; undo, untie, unwrap; pull out Open the door Open the box. Open the bottle. Open your present. He opened the drawer. 22 unblock, clear, unobstruct, unclog, unstop They had to dig up the yard to open the drain The new law has opened the way for increased exports. 23 disclose, unveil, uncover, expose, display, show, exhibit, reveal, divulge, bring to light, communicate, bring out, unbosom, explain, present, announce, release, publish, air, make known, advertise The wonders of the language were opened to me by my first dictionary 24 expand, spread (out), stretch out, open up or out, unfurl, extend The flag opened to the breeze 25 present, offer, furnish, provide, afford, yield, reveal, uncover, raise, contribute, introduce Expansion of technology opens new business opportunities every day

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