Meaning of OPEN in English


I. ˈōpən, esp before consonants -p ə m adjective

( opener -p(ə)nə(r) ; openest -p(ə)nə̇st)

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German offan open, Old Norse opinn; all from a prehistoric North Germanic-West Germanic past participle of a verb derived from the root of Old English ūp up

1. : so arranged or governed as to permit ingress, egress, or passage: as

a. : having no enclosing or confining barrier : free from fences, boundaries, or other restrictive margins

an open village

the open moor


(1) : adjusted in a position that permits passage : not shut or fast

an open door

these open gates

(2) : having a movable barrier so adjusted

the house is open


(1) : not stopped by a finger

the four open strings of a violin

(2) : unstopped by the hand or by a mute

open horn

(3) : produced by an open string or on a wind instrument by the lip without the use of slides, valves, or keys

open tone or note

(4) : having clarity and resonance unimpaired by undue tension or constriction of the throat

an open vocal tone


a. : completely free from concealment : exposed to general or particular perception or knowledge

now lay open all your plans

an open ballot

open total war

b. : free from reserve or pretense : natural, forthright, and free : not concealing or intended to conceal one's thoughts or actions

very open about his plans

open and uninhibited in speech

a very open manner


a. : having no roof, lid, or other covering

an open boat

b. : having no protective or concealing cover : bare , naked

open wiring

laying the arm open to the bone


(1) obsolete , of the face : uncovered , unabashed

(2) : not covered with wool or enshrouding hair

a ewe with an open face

d. : lacking some immaterial protection : liable , subject

open to infection

open to challenge


(1) : not covered, enclosed, or scabbed over

an open lesion

an open running ulcer

(2) : not involving or encouraging a covering (as by bandages or overgrowth of tissue) or enclosure

open treatment of burns

(3) : shedding the infective agent to the exterior

open tuberculosis


(1) : not completely enclosed by defining lines

an open drawing

(2) : not defined by a figure or outline — used in the phrase open color


(1) : lacking covers or parts that restrict ventilation : not enclosed

an open motor

(2) : free 13e

h. : using a plain language text in conjunction with code or cipher: as

(1) : using a concealment cipher

(2) : using a jargon code


a. : requiring no special status, identification, or permit for entry or participation : generally available or known

this house is open to all that need help

an open Communion service

an open secret

b. : not restricted to a particular group or category of participants

open to the public

open bowling

c. : enterable by both amateur and professional contestants

an open golf tournament

d. : enterable by competitors of different classes

open to dogs of all breeds

5. : fit to be traveled over or through : presenting no serious obstacle to passage or view: as

a. : free from hampering obstructions

an open stretch of road

b. : free from woods, buildings, or large rocks

an open field

open country

c. : presenting no surface impediment (as ice) or underwater hazard (as shoals) to the passage of a boat


(1) : unobstructed by congestion

open sinuses

(2) : not constipated

open bowels


(1) : relatively free from snow and cold

open winter

(2) : not foggy or misty

as the sun warmed the air patches of open water began to appear

(3) : not frozen solid

an open harbor


a. obsolete : lying or sailing in full view

b. : having a visible opening between

steer so as to keep the two spires open


a. : spread out : unfolded : having the parts or surfaces laid back in an expanded position : not drawn together, folded, or contracted

an open letter

left the book open

an open rose

b. : removed from a carcass by splitting down the mid-ventral line and along the inner surfaces of each limb and cured and dressed flat

an open hide


a. obsolete : uttered with the mouth open


(1) of a vowel : low 1a (5)

(2) of one of two vowels constituting a pair because similar in articulation or orthography or in both : formed with the tongue in a lower position

Italian has an open e

(3) : characterized by moderate lip-rounding

(4) of a consonant : formed with the articulating organs narrowed without contact or with loose contact (as s or ḵ) : continuant , spirant , fricative — contrasted with stopped



(1) : available to use : accessible , suitable , usable : free and unoccupied

keep an hour open on Friday

the invitation is still open

there are only two courses open to us

(2) : not now pregnant

an open heifer

b. : available for consideration or decision : adjustable according to the requirements of circumstances : not finally closed or determined

considered it an open question

c. : kept available for future custom

an open pattern

open stocks

d. : remaining available for use or filling until canceled

an open order for four more

: operative : not terminated or liquidated

e. : legally available for hunting, fishing, and similar sports

an open season on deer

an open brook

f. : unoccupied and undefended by military forces and divested of any military installation and when so proclaimed and acknowledged immune under international law from enemy bombardment

an open city

10. : characterized by ready accessibility and usually cooperative attitude: as

a. : generous in giving

b. : willing to hear and consider or to accept and deal with : responsive

open to suggestion

open to an offer

c. : permitting the registration of a high-grade animal conforming to breed type as well as of an animal having both sire and dam registered

an open studbook

d. : accessible to the influx of new factors (as new members and ideas or foreign goods)

an open class system

an open market

e. : tolerant of internal change (as by social mobility, reforms, and the development of new ideas, values, and customs) and permissive of diversity in social, religious, and political institutions

an open society

11. : having openings, interruptions, interstices, or spaces

open banks

open open -grained lumber


a. : light, porous, and friable so as to be easily tilled and receptive to water infiltration

open soil

b. : sparsely distributed : scattered

open population


(1) : having relatively wide spacing between words or lines

open type

open printed matter

(2) : having each leaf separate and distinct from the others after the bolts are opened or trimmed off

the open signatures of a book

d. : having the warp threads of a shed always divided into two sections and never coming together as one section

e. : having cambium between the xylem and phloem portions — used of a vascular bundle


(1) : widely apart — used of dancers or the position of their feet

(2) : having the participants well separated — used of a dance or dance figure

g. : characterized by open-chain structure

h. : granular , hard

soap in an open condition

— used in soap manufacturing

12. : ready to operate : actively functioning : active

the store is open from 9 to 5

an open microphone



(1) : characterized by lack of effective control or regulation of various commercial enterprises (as amusements)

notorious as an open town

(2) : not repressed by legal controls

open gambling

b. : using a minimum of physical restrictions and custodial restraints upon the freedom of movement of inmates

an open prison

c. : not yielding to usually controlling factors : free from checking or hampering restraints

an open economy

faced with open inflation

d. : relatively unguarded by opponents in a sports competition

open ice

open court

14. of an expression in logic : containing one or more free variables

15. : not crossed

an open pulley belt

open eccentric rods

16. : characterized by a free development of chess pieces in front of the pawns


a. : having been opened by a first ante, bet, or bid

an open pot in poker

the bidding is open


(1) : having cards properly exposed

the dummy is the open hand

(2) : played or to be played with cards exposed

c. : interrupted or incomplete by a break in card sequence

an open straight


a. of punctuation : characterized by omission of commas when possible without ambiguity

b. of the punctuation of a letter : characterized by the omission of punctuation marks at the end of the lines of the heading and after the complimentary close — opposed to close

Synonyms: see frank , liable

II. verb

( opened -pənd, -p ə md ; opened “ ; opening -p(ə)niŋ, -pnēŋ ; opens -pənz, -p ə mz)

Etymology: Middle English openen, from Old English openian; akin to Old High German offanōn to open, Old Norse opna; all from a prehistoric North Germanic-West Germanic denominative from the root of Old English open (I)

transitive verb


a. : to move (as a door or lid) from its shut position

open the windows

slowly opened her eyelids

open a switch

b. : to make available for entry or passage by turning back (as a barrier), removing (as a cover), or clearing away (as an obstruction)

the janitor opens the building at 7 o'clock

opening the road after the flood

open your heart to mercy


(1) : to free (a body passage) of an occluding agent

used cathartics to open the bowels

an inhalator for opening congested nasal passages

(2) : to make available for or active in a regular function

plan to open a new store soon

at what time do you open your office

also : to make accessible for a particular purpose

opened new land for settlement

(3) : to declare (as a public building or park) to be open to the public usually by a formal ceremony


a. : to expose to view : disclose , reveal , unbosom

b. archaic : interpret , expound

c. : to make more discerning or responsive : enlighten

d. : to bring into view or come in sight of by changing position so as to remove an intervening object from the line of sight

sailed on until we opened a bay


a. : to make one or more openings in : cut or break into

opened the boil

planned to open the tombs of the ancient kings

b. : to loosen and make less compact usually by separating the constituent parts

open the soil by cultivating

opened the matted wool by shaking vigorously

c. : to salt out — used in soap manufacturing

4. : to spread out : unfold , unroll , extend

the rose opens its dewy petals

opened the book near the middle


a. : to enter upon : begin

opened the meeting

will open his campaign soon


(1) : to make the statement by which the trial of (a case) is begun and put before the court

(2) : to be the first to speak in summing up or arguing (a case)

c. : to commence action in a card game by making (a first bid), putting a first bet in (the pot), or playing (a specified card or suit) as first lead

6. : to restore or recall (as an order, rule, judgment) from a finally determined state to a state in which the parties are free to prosecute or oppose by further legal proceedings

7. : to shift the feet so as to assume (an open stance) in golf or batting

intransitive verb


a. : to become open : unclose

the door opened slowly

b. : to open a door or other barrier or make open a closed place usually so as to give admittance

open in the name of the law

c. : to have the doors opened for admittance of the public

the store opens at 9


a. : to spread out : expand

the buds are beginning to open

b. : to separate or come apart usually with an effect of spreading out

the wound opened under the strain

the book opened to my place

c. : to expand into view : become disclosed : spread out in the sight especially so that elements come to be seen as distinct

a lovely vista opened before us

3. : to become enlightened or responsive

my heart opens to your words


a. : to give access

an arch opens into the dining room

b. : to have an opening, passage, or outlet

all the rooms open onto a long hall

c. : to open in an indicated direction

the door opens toward the hall

5. : to bark on first finding scent : give tongue to a scent trail

the dog opened almost at once

6. : to bare or make plain one's mind, feelings, or knowledge by speaking : speak out : be open in speech

finally opened freely on the subject


a. : to begin action : commence in some course or activity

the artillery opened on the enemy

the stock opened at par

b. : to commence by a first incident (as a performance of a drama, a concert, or a day's hunting)

the opera season opens Friday

c. : to make a bet, bid, or lead in commencing a round or hand of a card game

- open one's eyes

- open one's heart

- open one's mouth

- open one's shoulders

- open ranks

- open the books

III. adverb

Etymology: Middle English, from open (I)

: in an open manner

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, in sense 1 from openen to open; in other senses from open (I)

1. : opening

2. : open and unobstructed space: as

a. : land without trees, buildings, or obstructions

finally broke out of the forest into the open

b. : countryside free from hedges or fences


(1) : cultivated land as distinguished from some protected place (as a greenhouse)

grapes grown in the open have a distinctive tang

(2) : outdoors as distinguished from inside

spent the day in the open

d. : open water especially of the ocean or a lake

3. : a public or unconcealed state or position

bring the facts into the open

4. : a style of type characterized by letters in outline

5. : a break in an electric circuit

6. : an open contest, competition, or tournament (as in a sport)

V. adjective

1. : being a mathematical interval that contains neither of its endpoints

2. : being a set each point of which has a neighborhood all of whose points are contained in the set

3. of a universe : having insufficient mass to halt expansion gravitationally : expanding forever


a. : being an incomplete electric circuit

b. : not allowing the flow of electricity

an open switch

5. : being an operation or surgical procedure in which an incision is made such that the tissues and organs are fully exposed

VI. transitive verb

: to initiate access to (a computer file) prior to use

intransitive verb

: to provide the opening performance of a show before the feature performance begins

a young singer opened for the headliner

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