Meaning of PERFECT in English

I. adjective


Synonyms: whole 1, entire, flawless, intact, sound, unblemished, unbroken, undamaged, unimpaired, uninjured

Antonyms: imperfect


being entirely without flaw and meeting supreme standards of excellence

a ballerina whose technique was perfect

Synonyms: absolute, flawless, fleckless, impeccable, indefectible, note-perfect, unflawed; compare consummate 1

Related Word: excellent; consummate; expert, finished, masterful, masterly

Contrasted words: defective, faulty, flawed; deficient, inadequate, wanting; unfinished, unpolished; unsound

Antonyms: imperfect


precisely appropriate or right

found the perfect gift for him

Synonyms: ideal, model, very

Related Word: needed, required, requisite; appropriate, fit, proper, right, suitable; exact, express, precise

Idioms: being just the thing

Contrasted words: foolish, inappropriate, undesirable, unsuitable


Synonyms: pure 2, absolute, sheer, simple, unadulterated, unalloyed, undiluted, unmitigated, unmixed, unqualified


Synonyms: whole 3, choate, complete, entire, full, integral

Related Word: consummate


Synonyms: utter , absolute, complete, consummate, downright, gross, outright, positive, rank, unmitigated

II. verb

Synonyms: polish 2, refine, round, sleek, slick, smooth

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