Meaning of PERFECT in English

I. adjective


a classic/perfect/prime example (= very typical )

This is a classic example of how not to run a business.

The pot is a perfect example of the Marine Style.

This is a prime example of government incompetence.

a complete/perfect/total stranger (= used to emphasize that you do not know the person )

Really, I don't know why I'm revealing all this to a complete stranger.

a flawless/perfect complexion (= perfect and with no marks or spots )

Foundation is meant to give the illusion of a flawless complexion.

a good/perfect/wonderful companion

For older people a pet cat can be a very good companion.

a perfect couple (= a couple that seem very suitable for each other )

Emily and John seemed a perfect couple.

a perfect/cast-iron/unshakeable etc alibi

He had a perfect alibi and the police let him go.

a perfect/ideal setting

The castle was a perfect setting for the wedding.

be in good/perfect/full etc working order

The car was old, but the engine was still in good working order.

clear/perfect/good etc diction

She had perfect diction.

future perfect


It was glorious weather, so we decided to go for a picnic.


She smiled, showing a mouthful of perfect teeth.

good/perfect/true etc likeness

happy/perfect/surprise etc ending

a story with a happy ending

in perfect/complete accord

It is important to the success of any firm that its partners should be in complete accord.

past perfect

perfect fit

The dress was a perfect fit .

perfect foil

The simple stone floor is the perfect foil for the brightly coloured furnishings.

perfect gentleman

Martin – always the perfect gentleman – got to his feet when my mother walked in.

perfect harmony

As producer and director, the Coen brothers work together in perfect harmony.

perfect participle

perfect pitch

She’s got perfect pitch .

perfect pitch


She's in her seventies, but her eyesight is still perfect.


We have a perfect description of the man we are looking for.


Babies aren’t born with perfect vision.

perfect/good/bad etc timing

He was just walking into the restaurant when we got there. Perfect timing.

perfect/impeccable manners

Suddenly, his perfect manners were gone.

perfect/pure/sheer happiness (= happiness that is as good as it can be )

The birth of my child was a moment of sheer happiness.

present perfect


I’m just waiting for the right moment to tell her.

The moment is not quite right just yet.

the best/perfect/ideal solution

Locking people in prison is not necessarily the ideal solution.

the ideal/perfect opportunity

I'd been wanting to try sailing, and this seemed like the ideal opportunity.

the perfect answer

I think I have the perfect answer to the problem.

the perfect excuse

The phone call gave me the perfect excuse to leave.

the perfect/ideal gift for sb

This book is the perfect gift for anybody who’s interested in birds.




She had flawless olive skin, huge dark eyes, an almost perfect profile.

With the economy behaving in almost perfect fashion, stock prices enjoyed some of their strongest gains in years.

I've taken it upon myself to assure the count that you're almost perfect .

His spelling, which had baffled Silverstein, was almost perfect .

The inlet is an almost perfect semi-circle backed by huge cliffs whose vegetation-hung rocks defy their position.

Next, cancer samples were hidden under bandages on a volunteer, and Pickel still reported an almost perfect record for George.

An almost perfect portrait of him.

And for much of the play, it looks like an almost perfect fit.


He said he had never come across a clearer, more perfect case, with so many vital details so well remembered.

A more perfect ski day had not yet been minted.

And among his other antiques he had this chalcedony which was more perfect than anything I had ever seen.

I have never stood on a more perfect beach.

We don't have to be taller, shorter, slimmer or more perfect before he loves us.

The slates have more perfect planar partings and are so fine grained that individual minerals can not easily be seen.

Something that was eternal was more perfect than something that had to be created.

What I tried to do was obliterate this life and replace it with another, a more perfect one.


Amativeness, that is, love, and the nervous system, are in the most perfect mutual sympathy.

At that point she suddenly realized that she had the most perfect , most gorgeous, most responsive baby in the world.

Debbie explained that even the most perfect love affairs sometimes have sell-by dates and she had reached hers.

There are people who consider this arrangement as being the most perfect construction yet devised for ships of medium size.

Idealist philosophers saw the human body as the most perfect expression of the vertebrate form.

For sev-eral months I have the most perfect job of my life.


In the latter case the specimen is of near perfect geometry for a torsion test.

Conclusions: The velvet cloth is a near perfect black, but more expensive and less readily available than the other materials.

Unfortunately, strong winds curtailed the sport on a near perfect river level carrying about four inches extra, but fining off.

In the main, larval control would have to be near perfect in its efficiency and to allow very few adults to survive.

In this chapter, I look at what would happen if the acoustic-phonetic front-end did achieve near perfect performance.


It's so perfect that they should effortlessly spawn the very stuff which facilitates the clicking of needles and clucking of tongues.

Everything was so artificial and so perfect .

Maybe she's not so perfect .

Well, everything's just so perfect for me now that my ideal man would have to be, too.

The fairways look so perfect , so uniform that the whole course looks carpeted.

It seems so natural and pure, so perfect .

Cake is always so perfect with coffee at supper time.

So tiny, so perfect , and all that dark hair!



In such leaders, competence, vision, and virtue exist in nearly perfect balance .

But a simple squat can exercise most of the muscles in the body and yet keep it in perfect balance .

The perfect balance of arrogance and vulnerability.

Even the stables were in perfect balance .

Patrick went on to build irregular, non-symmetrical shapes with the connector rods that maintained perfect balance .

The lack of perfect balance and coil symmetry also allows some of the fundamental switching frequency to leak through.

Harold was flexing his muscles for the perfect balance , teeth bared, knife poised over his head.


The need to relax the assumptions of perfect competition , and that the economy has attained equilibrium, is apparent.

Integrating transport costs into a general equilibrium trade model is a messy affair even with constant returns and perfect competition .

The great claim made for perfect competition is that it leads to efficiency.

The reason for this is probably that it implies oligopolies that behave in a way intermediate between perfect competition and monopoly.

While learning this, the novice student also learns that perfect competition does not exist.

Still central to much of contemporary price theory is the model of perfect competition .

What happens under perfect competition to the after-tax distribution of income may therefore be ambiguous.

Hence with our present framework perfect competition does not necessarily imply an efficient set of firms.


The Clio reaches us in perfect condition , excepting a few scuffs on the steel wheel trims.

A tangerine-and-lime brocade formal in perfect condition comes to mind.

The storage buildings are specially designed and are equipped with sophisticated temperature and humidity controls to keep the potatoes in perfect condition .

His fur shone and his claws and teeth were in perfect condition .

The perfect condition of everything had somewhat disguised the extreme age of the place, but now it was obvious.

It was a warm and sunny day; perfect conditions for hillwalking and camping.

Revelling in the perfect conditions , Neath replied immediately to Bradshaw's score with a counter-attack from the half-way line.

The test for ammonia and nitrite shows perfect conditions every time, and disease and fish fatalities are rare.


We ended a perfect day sipping sangria at a cliffside restaurant, relaxing in the spectacular sunset.

The eggshell-blue sky - the colour of the end of a perfect day .

The perfect end to a perfect day .

We are reassured that summer still exists by a perfect day at Camber Sands.

We agreed that it was indeed a fine day - a perfect day.

Just for a short while let this be the most perfect day of my life.

The evening sun of a perfect day was painting the wall above the chest of drawers in such a pretty soft way.


My hon. Friend may be that perfect example of a person who never has Mr. Wilkinson No.

SurfWatch Software is a perfect example .

Follow Sartre, and call them a perfect example of free-association from a pre-Freudian couch.

Dry white Gascogne wines are perfect examples of wines that must be drunk young.

The caterwauling of an aggressive cat is a perfect example of a single signal that takes many different forms.

There are few, if any, political systems that are perfect examples of democracy or its opposites.

It was a perfect example of sheer brazen cheek.

The massive deinstitutionalization of mental patients in favor of community-based treatment during the 1970s was a perfect example .


Johnson is a perfect fit for Mississippi State.

Sharp young coach and a perfect fit for a brand new team bursting with demographics.

If we have a perfect fit between what we want and what we get we do not bother about priorities.

I wanted him back because I thought he was a perfect fit for David as far as being vocal.

The priorities are obviously included in the perfect fit .

And for much of the play, it looks like an almost perfect fit .

It's also the same height as your kitchen units for a perfect fit .

Ogden and Arizona seem a perfect fit .


His work makes a perfect foil to Brown's insane language games.

The bright flavor of paprika, in combination with sour cream, is a perfect foil for the succulent meat of rabbit.

A simple round neck style with wrist length sleeves it makes the perfect foil for a favourite scarf or piece of jewellery.

The intensely flavored, spicy mole, with chocolate as its base, is the perfect foil for wild turkey.


Now that he was being the perfect gentleman in not pursuing her, at last she began to breathe more easily.

My own whip was a perfect gentleman , but it was really other colleagues who got really nasty.

Everybody envied Evelyn; her husband was always such a perfect gentleman .

He always had been a perfect gentleman .

You might say she behaved like a perfect gentleman .


As far as our school was concerned the timing of this initiative was a perfect match with our stage of development.

Not that it was a perfect match .

A perfect match my sister used to say.

Salmon, with its reddish color, is a perfect match , as is ahi tuna.

His body, as though accustomed to her shape, her rhythm, accommodated itself to hers in perfect match .

But in a sense Helmsman is the perfect match for him.

All in all it is a perfect match reel.


This match must have seemed the perfect opportunity for him to display his undoubted pace.

For Joseph LaRue, it was the perfect opportunity to do some growing up.

Charles had a perfect opportunity to show the world that the Waleses are a family reunited.

My phone call was a perfect opportunity for you to go public with the information.

Slightly puzzled, he decided to wait for the perfect opportunity .

Car rides, like mealtimes, can be perfect opportunities for conversations.

So here was the perfect opportunity for the profession as a whole to look decisive and effective.

A visit to West Dorset also offers a perfect opportunity to try your hand at windsurfing.


His papers were in perfect order .

Maskelyne argued, then acceded that they were by all appearances in perfect order , and affixed his signature.

Everything was in perfect order , as if the place was waiting patiently for its occupants to arrive.

There were spiderwebs everywhere, but otherwise everything was in perfect order .

It means in simple terms that Reay is able to keep the looms running in perfect order .

Perfect discipline, perfect order , perfect cleanliness.

Who, she wondered, as she went to look at the kitchen, had kept the house in such perfect order ?

The electricians were apprised so that all electrical appliances could be in perfect order .


I believe that I have found the perfect person .

In short, he was the perfect person to produce the replica.

In many ways Bateson was the perfect person to oversee a transformation of this kind.


In essays on whisky-tasting, sheath knives, deer hunting, he has a kind of perfect pitch .

I have neither perfect pitch nor a head for mathematics, and anyway who wants to compute the speed of history?

You had perfect pitch , my love.

In pastoral terms, the program had perfect pitch .

Computer games that require a player to recognise perfect pitch might also help, Saffran says.

But the five people in Saffran's group with perfect pitch had started learning aged four.

The woodwind maintained a perfect pitch and, like the strings and brass, produced a consistently voluptuous sound.

Tom had perfect pitch and a wonderful recall and he could sing whole passages from Boccherini's aviary music.


The perfect place for a family visit followed by a walk and picnic.

It was also a perfect place to dream.

She was in his mind's eye now, like a fugitive from some more perfect place .

It was a perfect place to kill some one, he thought.

And many would say Oxford is the perfect place to set it.

For fantasies, the Great Plains are in many respects the perfect place .

It is an island full of contrasts, with the perfect place for everyone.

The Big A was the perfect place for Robinson a decade ago.


I've a perfect right to my feelings.

If I want to move the television, I've got a perfect right to do so.

They have a perfect right to object to it.

It had got up Rufus's nose a bit, though Adam had a perfect right to do this.


To a Yek accomplished in the ways of the court the whole scheme would make perfect sense however.

Her ending works because it makes perfect sense .&038;.

But it does make perfect sense in context.

Brown makes perfect sense , but Hobbs said he deserves to start ahead of Jett.

And with the slow-going afternoon the world all at once can make perfect sense .

The wonderful thing is that in the Hansard parliamentary records Mr Prescott's words will make perfect sense .

Once you understand the panic attack problem, these particular fears of public places make perfect sense .


Lain's Barn is the perfect setting for Midwinter merchants, selling everything from weapons to costume.

It made a perfect setting for Murder in the Dark.

Long and narrow frames make the perfect setting for such sophisticated pressed flower designs as this one.

Occasionally archery competitions are held here - a perfect setting for such an event.

The perfect setting for relaxing and soaking up the sun.


It seemed to be the perfect solution - contraception without constraining the fountain of male pleasure.

Even if a perfect solution is not found, the child goes from being passive to planning a strategy and eventually acting.

Sensitive skins need the gentle touch - Moistura fragrance Free products from Cyclax provide the perfect solution .

There are no perfect solutions in a world where most parents work and most kids get sick.

Alternet is the perfect solution for 10BaseT users who want the flexibility that thin coax provides.

A mix of black and gold separates is a perfect solution .

No doubt the perfect solution is to fly down in your own plane.

Then, in a flash, the perfect solution occurred to her.


Again he was a person, no longer a perfect stranger .

Some oranges in a commune, like perfect strangers , dwell upon their own navels, untransformed.

A year before he had, but that year had changed him, eliminated the sentiment and made him a perfect stranger .

Asked to stand guard over good or treasure, they would good-naturedly hand everything over to a perfect stranger .

They put money on the table, too, perfect strangers expressing unmistakable monetary interest in the Tonelli Nation.

I was then to ask what people thought about being smiled at by a perfect stranger .

She turned into an expert at coaxing food and lodging invitations out of perfect strangers .


It was a perfect time for the launch of Black Dwarf, but there too there were problems.

But the beginning of a second term is a perfect time for a rejuvenating administration shake-up.

It is the perfect time to stand back and look at how the beauty of nature can enhance your surroundings.

The Cats had found themselves at the absolute perfect time .

The Sergeant-Major had said that like all other legionnaires we would learn to sing in perfect time , so sing we would.

Management felt this was the perfect time to rethink the business, when there was no crisis.

Now so many knitters can use it this seems the perfect time to elaborate upon it.

Our weightless feet beat perfect time through city streets and wooded ravines.


A perfect way to begin her day.

It seemed the perfect way to spend their retirement, and the couple quickly applied.

Creamy, blue-veined Dolcelatte is the perfect way to round off your meals and delicious to nibble in between.

Couples say that running is a perfect way to increase their time together.

A perfect way to end a perfect cruise day.

The stylish hand held Ultratone Facial unit is the perfect way to achieve tone and lift, keeping your face looking good.

It was argued that the rule of having only Yorkshire-born players was the perfect way of keeping out the non-whites.


But we don't live in a perfect world .

Each had its own impossible plan for a perfect world , usually either socialist or Zionist.

In a perfect world , he would simply stuff the paper straight into his pocket.

In a perfect world , presidential campaigns should leave the judiciary alone.

This was an unusual arrangement which might have worked in a perfect world .

In a perfect world , there would be a single universal e-mail directory.

But this is not a perfect world .

What her daddy may have felt was the crushing weight of building a perfect world for his baby.


keep perfect/good etc time

But like a single gear in a mechanical clock, timeless can not keep good time all by itself.

Nothing unusual - clocks behaving as before, keeping good time and continuing to emit their light beams.

Running in a clump through a crowded station, like the Bash Street Kids, keeping perfect time with chant and clap.

near perfect/impossible etc

Colin was fulsome in his praise of the role of finance directors in delivering a near impossible set of financial reforms.

Comets therefore tend to explode into vapor with near perfect efficiency and devastating power on impact.

Conclusions: The velvet cloth is a near perfect black, but more expensive and less readily available than the other materials.

In the latter case the specimen is of near perfect geometry for a torsion test.

In the main, larval control would have to be near perfect in its efficiency and to allow very few adults to survive.

So everything seemed okay: the barn was secure, the food supply was better than good and the terrain near perfect.

That doesn't stop Hedley from dreaming of owning a video store, even though it seems near impossible.

Unfortunately, strong winds curtailed the sport on a near perfect river level carrying about four inches extra, but fining off.

practice makes perfect

Finally, Mr Shapiro points out, practice makes perfect.

Whatever caulk you use, remember that practice makes perfect.

the future perfect

the perfect crime

There is no such thing as the perfect crime .

the present perfect


"How was your holiday?'' "Oh, just perfect !''

perfect weather for a picnic

A dry white wine is perfect with any fish dish.

Beth and Martin always seemed to be the perfect couple.

Cindy's been a perfect angel all morning.

How could you have given that confidential information to a perfect stranger?

It was a perfect day out.

Michiko's English is perfect .

My mother's in perfect health, even though she's nearly 80.

That's a perfect example of what I was talking about.

That sounds like the perfect job for you.

The meal was absolutely perfect .

The quilt is in nearly perfect condition.

They seem to have a perfect marriage.

This church is a perfect example of Gothic architecture.

This dress will be perfect for the summer.

We had perfect weather the whole trip.

We had a wonderful vacation - the weather was perfect .


And many would say Oxford is the perfect place to set it.

But it's cattle you should think of in this country, perfect dairy pasture, rich it is.

His heroes are true heroes, but not perfect human beings.

I peeled off her leather jacket and jeans and I really began to appreciate how perfect her body is.

Moreover, as we shall see presently, the wheel is not one that revolves with perfect smoothness.

Partnering the experienced Allen up front, in place of the suspended Trevor Morley, Jones supplied a perfect cross just before the interval.

The perfect condition of everything had somewhat disguised the extreme age of the place, but now it was obvious.

The aide reported to Daley that he was a perfect choice.

II. verb




After 50 years of experience we have perfected the art of passenger hospitality on long flights.

I perfect the art of seductive banter.

This means that the only opportunity for perfecting the art of sentencing is by practising on actual offenders.

Nancy Reagan perfected the art of the adoring smile.

But she had spent many years perfecting the art of the memo.

Typically McGeechan will do more work with the whole squad before the forwards go off to perfect their blacker arts .

So they perfect the art of inhibited assault.


Reagan had no record to defend and had spent years perfecting the skills required to project an effective personal image.

In perfecting their skills , they have to give up habits and responses that impede their performance.

It is also time to perfect the skills of the historian.


A clinic has perfected a £3,500 technique to help make them fathers again.

So they have perfected the technique of doorstep delivery, using women instead of men to provide the needed counseling.

He had perfected the technique of not being noticed to a fine art.

Milan and Jovana have been perfecting their technique .

Before you try it on your garment, knit a test piece of band so that you can perfect the technique .

One enthusiast has constructed a gallows-like contraption in order to perfect his technique .

He spent a further two years perfecting his technique at Colorado University.


After eighteen years of marriage to Gemma, Ronald had perfected the art of keeping the peace.

Dom Perignon perfected the art of blending wines from many different vineyards.

James was out on the ski slope, trying to perfect his short turns.

Luke perfected his cooking skills after he got married.

The best way to perfect your Spanish is to live in a country where it's spoken.

The Chief Executive of the company said that they had spent ten years on perfecting the product.

The only way to perfect your accent is to go and live in France.

This technique was perfected by the Ancient Egyptians.


But the engineers say it will be 10 years before they perfect the technology to make this possible.

Do not try to perfect your normal eating routine.

In perfecting their skills, they have to give up habits and responses that impede their performance.

It was stated at the outset that this system would not be here, and at once, perfected.

Over the last couple of decades, managing such funds has become a pretty well perfected science.

The stunt took two years to perfect , and the team used a series of remote cameras to film every breath-taking second.

This can be instinctive and it can also be perfected and developed.

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