Meaning of PERFECT in English

adj. 1 complete, absolute, finished, (fully) realized, fulfilled, consummate, pure, entire, whole, perfected, best, ideal Many have called the building a perfect example of the Palladian style 2 sublime, ideal, superb, supreme, superlative, best, flawless, faultless, pre-eminent, excellent, exquisite, unexcelled, unrivalled, unequalled, unmatched, matchless, incomparable, nonpareil, peerless, inimitable At her throat she wore the most perfect emerald I had ever seen 3 blameless, righteous, holy, faultless, flawless, spotless, immaculate Nobody's perfect 4 fitting, appropriate, (just) right, apt, suitable, correct, proper, made-to-order, best, Brit spot on Arthur would be perfect for the role of Quasimodo 5 precise, exact, accurate, correct, unerring, true, authentic, lifelike, right on, excellent, superlative, superb, reliable, Brit spot on These copies are perfect replicas of the original 6 utter, absolute, complete, mere, thorough, out-and-out, through-and-through; 24-carat, categorical, unqualified, unalloyed, unmitigated We were perfect strangers at the time Once again, he's shown himself to be a perfect idiot. 7 expert, proficient, accomplished, experienced, practised, skilful, skilled, gifted, talented, adept, deft, adroit, polished, professional, masterly, masterful The admirable Crichton was the perfect butler

v. 8 complete, finish, realize, fulfil, consummate, accomplish, achieve, effect, execute, carry out or through, bring (to perfection) The design of the bicycle was not to be perfected for several years 9 rectify, correct, emend, (put or set) right, improve, refine, polish, cultivate, better, ameliorate Viniculture has been perfected in the Bordeaux region of France

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