Meaning of ABOUT in English

adv. Function: adverb

1 in every direction FF1C; looked carefully about FF1E;

Synonyms: around, round, round about

2 in a circuitous way or course FF1C; took the long way about FF1E;

Synonyms: circuitously, round about


Synonyms: NEARLY , all but, almost, approximately, most, much, ||nearabout, nigh, practically, well-nigh

4 here or there without plan or order FF1C; left his tools lying about FF1E;

Synonyms: anyhow, any which way, anywise, around, at random, haphazard, haphazardly, helter-skelter, random, randomly

Related Words: back and forth, hither and thither, to and fro; aimlessly, carelessly, casually

5 in the vicinity FF1C; talked to the people standing about FF1E;

Synonyms: near, near-at-hand, nearby

Idioms: close by

6 in the opposite direction FF1C; he turned about and saw her FF1E;

Synonyms: again, around, back, backward, in reverse, round, round about

Idioms: in one's course

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