Meaning of ABOUT in English


prep. & adv.

prep. 1 a on the subject of; in connection with (a book about birds; what are you talking about?; argued about money). b relating to (something funny about this). c in relation to (symmetry about a plane). d so as to affect (can do nothing about it; what are you going to do about it?). 2 at a time near to (come about four). 3 a in, round, surrounding (wandered about the town; a scarf about her neck). b all round from a centre (look about you). 4 here and there in; at points throughout (toys lying about the house). 5 at a point or points near to (fighting going on about us). 6 carried with (have no money about me). 7 occupied with (what are you about?).

adv. 1 a approximately (costs about a pound; is about right). b colloq. used to indicate understatement (just about had enough; it's about time they came). 2 here and there; at points nearby (a lot of flu about; I've seen him about recently). 3 all round; in every direction (look about). 4 on the move; in action (out and about). 5 in partial rotation or alteration from a given position (the wrong way about). 6 in rotation or succession (turn and turn about). 7 Naut. on or to the opposite tack (go about; put about). be about to be on the point of (doing something) (was about to laugh).

[ OE onbutan (on = A(2), butan BUT(1)) ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.