Meaning of ACUTE in English


adj. Function: adjective


Synonyms: POINTED 1, acicular, aciculate, acuminate, acuminous, cuspidate, peaked, peaky, piked, sharp

Related Words: barbed, prickly, spiky, spined, spiny

Antonyms: blunt


Synonyms: SHARP 4, keen, penetrating, penetrative, quick-sighted, quick-witted, sharp-sighted, sharp-witted

Related Words: cutting, incisive, trenchant; piercing

Contrasted Words: crass, dense, dull, slow, stupid

Antonyms: obtuse

3 perceiving clearly and sensitively FF1C; an acute ear FF1E;

Synonyms: keen, perceptive, sensitive, sharp

Related Words: observant, penetrating, probing; accurate, meticulous, precise

Contrasted Words: imperceptive, insensitive; imprecise, inaccurate; inexact, uncritical

Antonyms: dull

4 elevated in pitch FF1C; an acute note FF1E;

Synonyms: argute, high, piercing, piping, sharp, shrill, thin, treble

Related Words: penetrating; reedy, screechy, shrieky, shrilly, squeaky; tinny

Contrasted Words: bass, deep, low

Antonyms: grave


Synonyms: SHARP 8, knifelike, piercing, shooting, stabbing

6 serious to the point of approaching a crisis FF1C; an acute housing shortage FF1E;

Synonyms: climacteric, critical, crucial, desperate, dire

Related Words: afflictive, grave, serious; aggravated, intensified; dangerous, hazardous, menacing, perilous, precarious, threatening; exigent, urgent

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