Meaning of SILENT in English


n. Function: adjective


Synonyms: DUMB 1, inarticulate, mute, speechless, unarticulate, voiceless

2 characterized by absence of speech FF1C; was silent as he faced the altar FF1E;

Synonyms: dumb, mum, ||mumchance, mute, speechless, wordless; compare DUMB 1

Related Words: inarticulate, muted, tongue-tied, voiceless

Contrasted Words: speaking, talking

3 showing marked restraint in speaking FF1C; a stern, silent man FF1E;

Synonyms: close, close-lipped, closemouthed, close-tongued, dumb, inconversable, reserved, reticent, shut-mouthed, silentious, speechless, taciturn, tight-lipped, tight-mouthed, uncommunicative, wordless

Related Words: checked, curbed, inhibited, restrained; unconversational, unsociable; inarticulate, incoherent; mute, voiceless; mum, secretive

Contrasted Words: articulate, fluent, glib, vocal, voluble; babblative, garrulous, loquacious, windy; blabbering, blabbery, chattering

Antonyms: talkative


Synonyms: STILL 3, hush, hushful, noiseless, quiet, soundless, stilly, whist

Idioms: silent as a post ( or stone), silent as the grave ( or tomb)

Antonyms: noisy


Synonyms: UNSPOKEN 1, tacit, unexpressed, unuttered, unvoiced, wordless

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