Meaning of SUBSTANCE in English


n. Function: noun


Synonyms: TENOR 1, drift, purport

Related Words: import, meaning

Idioms: the general drift

2 the inner significance or central meaning of something written or said FF1C; just give me the substance of his speech FF1E;

Synonyms: amount, body, burden, core, crux, gist, kernel, matter, meat, nub, nubbin, pith, purport, sense, short, strength, sum and substance, sum total, thrust, upshot; compare BODY 3 , ESSENCE 2 , MEANING 1 , TENOR 1

Related Words: center, focus, heart, nucleus; point; import, meaningfulness


Synonyms: BODY 3, bulk, core, corpus, mass, staple

Related Words: drift, tenor


Synonyms: ESSENCE 2, bottom, essentiality, marrow, pith, quintessence, quintessential, soul, stuff, virtuality


Synonyms: THING 5, being, entity, individual, material, matter, object, stuff


Synonyms: WEALTH 2, fortune, property, resources, riches, worth

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