Meaning of SUBSTANCE in English


/ ˈsʌbstəns; NAmE / noun


[ C ] a type of solid, liquid or gas that has particular qualities :

a chemical / radioactive, etc. substance

banned / illegal substances (= drugs)

a sticky substance


[ U ] the quality of being based on facts or the truth :

It was malicious gossip, completely without substance .

The commission's report gives substance to these allegations.

There is some substance in what he says.


[ U ] the most important or main part of sth :

Love and guilt form the substance of his new book.

I agreed with what she said in substance , though not with every detail.


[ U ] ( formal ) importance

SYN significance :

matters of substance

Nothing of any substance was achieved in the meeting.


- a man / woman of substance



Middle English (denoting the essential nature of something): from Old French , from Latin substantia being, essence, from substant- standing firm, from the verb substare .

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