Meaning of ATTRIBUTE in English


The verb is pronounced /ətrɪbju:t/. The noun is pronounced /ætrɪbju:t/.

( attributed)


If you attribute something to an event or situation, you think that it was caused by that event or situation.

Women tend to attribute their success to external causes such as luck.

= ascribe

VERB : V n to n


If you attribute a particular quality or feature to someone or something, you think that they have got it.

People were beginning to attribute superhuman qualities to him.

= ascribe

VERB : V n to n


If a piece of writing, a work of art, or a remark is attributed to someone, people say that they wrote it, created it, or said it.

This, and the remaining frescoes, are not attributed to Giotto.

VERB : usu passive , be V-ed to n


An attribute is a quality or feature that someone or something has.

Cruelty is a normal attribute of human behaviour...

= characteristic

N-COUNT : usu with supp

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