Meaning of ATTRIBUTE in English


[at.tri.bute] n [ME, fr. L attributus, pp. of attribuere to attribute, fr. ad- + tribuere to bestow--more at tribute] (14c) 1: an inherent characteristic; also: an accidental quality

2: an object closely associated with or belonging to a specific person, thing, or office "a scepter is the ~ of power"; esp: such an object used for identification in painting or sculpture

3: a word ascribing a quality; esp: adjective syn see quality

[2]at.trib.ute vt -ut.ed ; (1530) 1: to explain by indicating a cause "attributed his success to his coach"

2. a: to regard as a characteristic of a person or thing b: to reckon as made or originated in an indicated fashion "attributed the invention to a Russian" c: classify, designate syn see ascribe -- adj

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