Meaning of CROW in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ kroʊ ]

( crows, crowing, crowed)


A crow is a large black bird which makes a loud, harsh noise.



When a cock crows , it makes a loud sound, often early in the morning.

The cock crows and the dawn chorus begins.



If you say that someone is crowing about something they have achieved or are pleased about, you disapprove of them because they keep telling people proudly about it. ( INFORMAL )

Edwards is already crowing about his assured victory...

We’ve seen them all crowing that the movement is dead.

= boast

VERB : V about/over n , V that [ disapproval ]


If you say that a place is a particular distance away as the crow flies , you mean that it is that distance away measured in a straight line.

I live at Mesa, Washington, about 10 miles as the crow flies from Hanford.

PHRASE : oft amount PHR

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