Meaning of CROW in English


/ krəʊ; NAmE kroʊ/ noun , verb

■ noun


a large bird, completely or mostly black, with a rough unpleasant cry


a sound like that of a cock / rooster crowing :

She gave a little crow of triumph.


- as the crow flies

—more at eat , stone verb

■ verb


[ v ] ( of a cock / rooster ) to make repeated loud high sounds, especially early in the morning


crow (about / over sth) ( disapproving ) to talk too proudly about sth you have achieved, especially when sb else has been unsuccessful

SYN boast , gloat :

[ v ]

He won't stop crowing about his victory.

[ v speech ]

'I've won, I've won!' she crowed.

[also v that ]


[ v ] ( BrE ) ( of a baby ) to make happy sounds



noun sense 1 Old English crāwe , of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch kraai and German Krähe , also to the verb crow .

noun sense 2 and verb Old English crāwan , of West Germanic origin; related to German krähen , also to crow the bird; ultimately imitative.

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