Meaning of FATIGUE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ fəti:g ]

( fatigues)


Fatigue is a feeling of extreme physical or mental tiredness.

She continued to have severe stomach cramps, aches, fatigue, and depression...

Clarke says his team could have lasted another 15 days before fatigue would have begun to take a toll.



You can say that people are suffering from a particular kind of fatigue when they have been doing something for a long time and feel they can no longer continue to do it.

...compassion fatigue caused by endless TV and celebrity appeals.

...the result of four months of battle fatigue.

N-UNCOUNT : with supp , usu n N


Fatigues are clothes that soldiers wear when they are fighting or when they are doing routine jobs.

He never expected to return home wearing US combat fatigues.



Fatigue in metal or wood is a weakness in it that is caused by repeated stress. Fatigue can cause the metal or wood to break.

The problem turned out to be metal fatigue in the fuselage.

N-UNCOUNT : usu n N

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