Meaning of FATIGUE in English

■ noun

1》 extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.

↘[with modifier ] a lessening in one's response to or enthusiasm for something, caused by overexposure: election ~.

2》 weakness in metal or other materials caused by repeated variations of stress.

3》 ( ~s ) menial non-military tasks performed by a soldier.

↘a group of soldiers ordered to do such a duty.

4》 ( ~s ) loose-fitting clothing of a sort worn by soldiers.

■ verb ( ~s , fatiguing , ~d ) cause to suffer ~.


fatiguability (also fatigability ) noun

fatiguable (also fatigable ) adjective


C17 (in the sense 'task that causes weariness'): from Fr. ~ (n.), ~r (v.), from L. fatigare 'tire out', from ad fatim , affatim 'to satiety or surfeit'.

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