Meaning of FATIGUE in English

I. fəˈtēg, chiefly dial -tig noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Middle French, from fatiguer, v.


a. : weariness from labor or exertion : exhaustion of strength ; also : tiredness or physical or nervous exhaustion from causes other than physical or intellectual exertion (as from anoxia, motion sickness, or emotional tension)

b. : loss of power resulting from continued work but removable by rest

c. : exhaustion in productive power (as of soil)

d. : the transitory refractory state induced in a sensory receptor or motor end organ by continued or repeated stimulation — compare adaptation


a. : a tiring duty : labor , toil


(1) : manual or menial work often assigned as a punishment ; especially : such work (as the cleaning up of a camp area or the building of a road) performed in the course of service by a member of one of the military services other than the navy

(2) : one such task

punishments include loss of rewards or privileges, temporary loss of recreation (usually associated with a fatigue such as floor scrubbing or potato peeling) — Lancet

c. fatigues plural : the uniform or work clothing worn on fatigue and in the field


a. : the tendency of a material (as a metal) to break under repeated cyclic loading at a stress considerably less than the tensile strength in a static test

b. : the decrease of efficiency (as of a luminescent or light-sensitive material) with use

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: French fatiguer, from Middle French, from Latin fatigare; akin to Latin af fatim sufficiently, fatisci to fall apart, become exhausted, and probably to Latin fames hunger — more at daze

transitive verb

1. : to weary with labor or exertion : tire

2. : to induce a condition of fatigue in (as a material or an effector organ)

intransitive verb

1. : to undergo or suffer fatigue (as of a metal)

2. : to perform fatigue (as in the army)

Synonyms: see tire

III. adjective

Etymology: fatigue (I)

: consisting of, done, or used in fatigue

fatigue detail

a fatigue uniform

: belonging to fatigues

a fatigue cap

grabbed his fatigue collar and pulled him out of line

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