Meaning of FATIGUE in English

/ fəˈtiːg; NAmE / noun


[ U ] a feeling of being extremely tired, usually because of hard work or exercise

SYN exhaustion , tiredness :

physical and mental fatigue

Driver fatigue was to blame for the accident.

I was dropping with fatigue and could not keep my eyes open.


[ U ] (usually after another noun) a feeling of not wanting to do a particular activity any longer because you have done too much of it :

battle fatigue


[ U ] weakness in metal or wood caused by repeated bending or stretching :

The wing of the plane showed signs of metal fatigue .


fatigues [ pl. ] loose clothes worn by soldiers


fatigues [ pl. ] ( especially NAmE ) duties, such as cleaning and cooking, that soldiers have to do, especially as a punishment



mid 17th cent. (in the sense task that causes weariness ): from French fatigue (noun), fatiguer (verb), from Latin fatigare tire out, from ad fatim , affatim to satiety or surfeit.

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