Meaning of FILTER in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ fɪltə(r) ]

( filters, filtering, filtered)


To filter a substance means to pass it through a device which is designed to remove certain particles contained in it.

The best prevention for cholera is to boil or filter water, and eat only well-cooked food.

VERB : V n


A filter is a device through which a substance is passed when it is being filtered.

...a paper coffee filter.



A filter is a device through which sound or light is passed and which blocks or reduces particular sound or light frequencies.

You might use a yellow filter to improve the clarity of a hazy horizon.



If light or sound filters into a place, it comes in weakly or slowly, either through a partly covered opening, or from a long distance away.

Light filtered into my kitchen through the soft, green shade of the cherry tree.

VERB : V into/through n


When news or information filters through to people, it gradually reaches them.

It took months before the findings began to filter through to the politicians...

News of the attack quickly filtered through the college. indications filter in from polling stations.

...the horror stories which were beginning to filter out of Germany.

VERB : V through to n , V through n , V in , V out of n


A traffic filter is a traffic signal or lane which controls the movement of traffic wanting to turn left or right. ( BRIT )


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