Meaning of FILTER in English

I. noun


control/display/filter etc unit

filter tip

sunlight filters somewhere (= a little comes in )

The canopy of leaves allows some sunlight to filter through.




And it comes with a removable air filter , an extra long cable, fitted plug and a two year guarantee.

The remains of the air filter system was fitted facing the rear bulkhead.

At the same time the company announced that it would spend £225,000 on installing a special air filter in the factory.


The remote oil filter pipes rubbed against the sharp edge of the battery bracket.

Pardue's aircraft had metal on the oil filter screens as well as part of a piston ring.


Today's forward thinking manufacturers are already offering systems which include self-washing filter units and energy efficient airflow patterns.

Above and right: The home-made filter unit again makes use of planting baskets, and is disguised by the water mill.

Plugged pond filter I have a filter unit which is gravity-fed from a second tank.

These units are also available attached to a filter lid to fit Remanoid filter units.

All pipework is fully insulated and the whole filter unit is covered by a padded insulation cover.


Are you interested in a plumbed-in water filter or would a table-top model suit you better?

However, portable water filters provide another simple alternative.

There are two fold-up seats in the corridor, a water filter at one end, and twenty-four gas-burners in all.

Most people do not drink enough plain water - so invest in a water filter to try mineral waters.



Change or clean your filter once a month.


a water filter


An interference filter consists of two thin-silvered pieces of glass which are semitransparent.

FiltrationA filter is of great help in keeping water free of suspended material, but it does not alleviate a polluted condition.

If I build a trickle filter , holding approximately 10 gallons, will I be able to increase my stocking level?

Marine Answers Increasing the stock I have a 34 gallon set up with an undergravel filter and external canister filter.

The filter was constructed as shown in the diagram and then stood on the wooden crosspieces on top of the vat.

The bi-word filter eliminated some possibilities but was not good enough to find a single interpretation.

Two small filters can be easier to hide than one large one.

II. verb




As reports of pending victory filtered back into the command post, the General made his final mistake.

As time went on, the stern lessons of war began to filter back to the United States.


The whole consignment, Carmichael says, must filter down into as many pairs of hands as possible.

But now this concept has filtered down to jobs such as shop assistants and waiters.

The chill filters down through the starry night and edges under my skin.

At least the moonlight was beginning to filter down , and showed him an intersection almost at once.

In the patchy moonlight filtering down through the latticework of branches above, he could see no lurking figures.

Little enough of the borough's wealth appears to have filtered down to the townsfolk.

Evian water takes 15 years to filter down from Alpine snows to the town spring.


The light filtering in was enough to reveal a darkly gleaming surface of water, turbulent, continually rising.

Voices filtered in , a clutter of other sounds.

She slept unexpectedly soundly, and when she next opened her eyes, daylight was filtering in through the rather grimy window.

The girls filter in and allow themselves to be congratulated or consoled depending on the night.

Both had taken quite a beating by the time the first grey flickers of dawn filtered in .

But snippets and fragments of legend and lore had filtered in from somewhere.


Information that is irrelevant is filtered out .

Something was filtered out , some obscuring, personal static.

The air was improving as the recyclers filtered out the stench and the smoke.

The metals, if not filtered out , can clog steel and iron pipes, cause corrosion and diminish water pressure.

It is a dangerous complication which must be filtered out .

Applying ink to the page filters out certain colours, and you only see those reflected.

ISPs are increasingly filtering out known spam, and most newsgroup clients support user-defined filters, so use them.

Indeed, the signal from the mat flux episodes may have to be filtered out to permit conventional Milankovitch band analysis.


It seems that the ideals of the supposed alternative comedians had filtered through about eight years too late.

Atrocity stories filtered through , of the Mamelukes bursting into the citadel; of the destruction, the rampage; the plundering.

That will filter through to companies that produce goods and services.

News of its intended publication filtered through to Orkney late on the Saturday night.

But the celluloid dreams filtered through .

This practical ineptitude filtered through to my sporting life by way of golf.

Whenever possible allow sunlight to filter through to the tank.



You should regularly filter and funnel your information into a single set of notes.

Yet clearly the psychological makeup of the mind filters the information presented to it by the seeing eye.

Our responsibility is to filter information so that we do not over-influence the situation and create self-fulfilling prophecies of our own devising.

Hierarchies have developed to manage effectively the filtering of information needed to tackle tasks cooperatively.

Those filtering the information have also frequently exploited their position to select and control the flow for their own purposes.


The light filtering in was enough to reveal a darkly gleaming surface of water, turbulent, continually rising.

On sunny days, the rooms glow with diffused light filtering through translucent shoji screens.

BAt her new home, Tamika sits in a playroom aglow with morning light filtered through pink lace curtains.


Whenever possible allow sunlight to filter through to the tank.

The path is marked, the rise gradual, the sunlight bright and playful filtering through the leaves.


Then the mixture flows via a receiving hopper to a revolving drum where the water is filtered out.


In remote areas, you will need to filter or boil your drinking water.


Memory was mischievously selective at the best of times Trivia stuck limpet-like and the useful filtered away.

That software can filter either e-mail or Usenet postings.

These firms know what the local law is, and could filter some Internet content as demanded by it.

These used rotating discs to initiate a quasi-musical sound which was then filtered, processed and reproduced at different pitches.

When they are exhaled they are filtered through the white crystals of soda lime, and a bacterial filter.

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