Meaning of FILTER in English


Pronunciation: ' fil-t ə r

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English filtre, from Medieval Latin filtrum piece of felt used as a filter, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German filz felt ― more at FELT

Date: 1563

1 a : a porous article or mass (as of paper or sand) through which a gas or liquid is passed to separate out matter in suspension b : an apparatus containing a filter medium

2 a : a device or material for suppressing or minimizing waves or oscillations of certain frequencies (as of electricity, light, or sound) b : a transparent material (as colored glass) that absorbs light of certain wavelengths or colors selectively and is used for modifying light that reaches a sensitized photographic material ― called also color filter

3 : something that has the effect of a filter (as by holding back elements or modifying the appearance of something) <his work is too often viewed through the filter of race ― Brent Staples>

4 : software for sorting or blocking access to certain online material

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