Meaning of GROUND in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ graʊnd ]

( grounds, grounding, grounded)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


The ground is the surface of the earth.

Forty or fifty women were sitting cross-legged on the ground...

We slid down the roof and dropped to the ground.

N-SING : the N

Something that is below ground is under the earth’s surface or under a building. Something that is above ground is on top of the earth’s surface.

People were making for the air-raid shelters below ground.



If you say that something takes place on the ground , you mean it takes place on the surface of the earth and not in the air.

Coordinating airline traffic on the ground is as complicated as managing the traffic in the air.

N-SING : oft N n


The ground is the soil and rock on the earth’s surface.

The ground had eroded.

...the marshy ground of the river delta.

N-SING : usu the N


You can refer to land as ground , especially when it has very few buildings or when it is considered to be special in some way.

...a stretch of waste ground...

This memorial stands on sacred ground.

N-UNCOUNT : usu with supp


You can use ground to refer to an area of land, sea, or air which is used for a particular activity.

...Indian hunting grounds...

The best fishing grounds are around the islands.

N-COUNT : supp N


A ground is an area of land which is specially designed and made for playing sport or for some other activity. In American English grounds is also used.

...the city’s football ground.

...a parade ground.

N-COUNT : supp N


The grounds of a large or important building are the garden or area of land which surrounds it.

...the palace grounds.

...the grounds of the University.

N-PLURAL : usu with supp , oft N of n , n N


You can use ground to refer to a place or situation in which particular methods or ideas can develop and be successful.

The company has maintained its reputation as the developing ground for new techniques...

Colonialism is especially fertile ground for nationalist ideas.

N-VAR : with supp , oft N for n


You can use ground in expressions such as on shaky ground and the same ground to refer to a particular subject, area of experience, or basis for an argument.

Sensing she was on shaky ground, Marie changed the subject...

The French are on solid ground when they argue that competitiveness is no reason for devaluation...

It’s often necessary to go over the same ground more than once.

N-UNCOUNT : supp N , oft on adj N


Ground is used in expressions such as gain ground , lose ground , and give ground in order to indicate that someone gets or loses an advantage. ( JOURNALISM )

There are signs that the party is gaining ground in the latest polls...

The US dollar lost more ground.



If something is grounds for a feeling or action, it is a reason for it. If you do something on the grounds of a particular thing, that thing is the reason for your action.

In the interview he gave some grounds for optimism...

The court overturned that decision on the grounds that the Prosecution had withheld crucial evidence...

Owen was against it, on the grounds of expense.

N-VAR : N for n , on N with supp


If an argument, belief, or opinion is grounded in something, that thing is used to justify it.

Her argument was grounded in fact...

They believe the soul is immortal, grounding this belief on the Divine nature of the human spirit.

= base

VERB : be V-ed in/on n , V n in/on n


If an aircraft or its passengers are grounded , they are made to stay on the ground and are not allowed to take off.

The civil aviation minister ordered all the planes to be grounded...

A hydrogen leak forced NASA to ground the space shuttle.

VERB : be V-ed , V n


When parents ground a child, they forbid them to go out and enjoy themselves for a period of time, as a punishment.

Thompson grounded him for a month, and banned television.

VERB : V n


If a ship or boat is grounded or if it grounds , it touches the bottom of the sea, lake, or river it is on, and is unable to move off.

Residents have been told to stay away from the region where the ship was grounded...

The boat finally grounded on a soft, underwater bank.

...a grounded oil tanker.

VERB : be V-ed , V , V-ed


The ground in an electric plug or piece of electrical equipment is the wire through which electricity passes into the ground and which makes the equipment safe. ( AM; in BRIT, use earth )

N-COUNT : usu sing


Ground meat has been cut into very small pieces in a machine. ( mainly AM; in BRIT, usually use minced )

...ground beef.

...The sausages are made of coarsely ground pork.



Ground is the past tense and past participle of grind .


see also grounding , home ground


If you break new ground , you do something completely different or you do something in a completely different way.

Gellhorn may have broken new ground when she filed her first report on the Spanish Civil War.

PHRASE : V inflects [ approval ]


If you say that a town or building is burnt to the ground or is razed to the ground , you are emphasizing that it has been completely destroyed by fire.

The town was razed to the ground after the French Revolution.

PHRASE : V inflects [ emphasis ]


If two people or groups find common ground , they agree about something, especially when they do not agree about other things.



If you go to ground , you hide somewhere where you cannot easily be found. ( BRIT )

Citizens of East Beirut went to ground in basements and shelters.

PHRASE : V inflects


The middle ground between two groups, ideas, or plans involves things which do not belong to either of these groups, ideas, or plans but have elements of each, often in a less extreme form.

She seems to have found a middle ground in which mutual support, rather than complete dependency, is possible.

PHRASE : oft PHR between n


If something such as a project gets off the ground , it begins or starts functioning.

We help small companies to get off the ground.

PHRASE : PHR after v , v-link PHR


If you prepare the ground for a future event, course of action, or development, you make it easier for it to happen.

...a political initiative which would prepare the ground for war.

PHRASE : V inflects


If you shift your ground or change your ground , you change the basis on which you are arguing.

PHRASE : V inflects


If you stand your ground or hold your ground , you continue to support a particular argument or to have a particular opinion when other people are opposing you or trying to make you change your mind.

The spectacle of Sakharov standing his ground and speaking his mind gave me hope.

PHRASE : V inflects


If you stand your ground or hold your ground , you do not run away from a situation, but face it bravely.

She had to force herself to stand her ground when she heard someone approaching.

PHRASE : V inflects


If you say that something such as a job or piece of clothing suits someone down to the ground , you mean that it is completely suitable or right for them. ( BRIT INFORMAL )

PHRASE : V inflects [ emphasis ]


If people or things of a particular kind are thin on the ground , there are very few of them. ( mainly BRIT )

Good managers are often thin on the ground.

PHRASE : v-link PHR


to have one’s ear to the ground: see ear

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