Meaning of GROUND in English


I. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English, from Old English grund; akin to Old High German grunt ~ Date: before 12th century 1. the bottom of a body of water, b. plural sediment 1, ~ coffee beans after brewing, 2. a basis for belief, action, or argument , b. a fundamental logical condition, a basic metaphysical cause, 3. a surrounding area ; back~ , material that serves as a substratum, 4. the surface of the earth, an area used for a particular purpose , the area around and belonging to a house or other building, an area to be won or defended in or as if in battle, an area of knowledge or special interest , 5. soil , earth , a special soil, 6. an object that makes an electrical connection with the earth, a large conducting body (as the earth) used as a common return for an electric circuit and as an arbitrary zero of potential, electric connection with a ~, a football offense utilizing primarily running plays, II. verb Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. to bring to or place on the ~, to cause to run a~, 2. to provide a reason or justification for , to furnish with a foundation of knowledge ; base , to connect electrically with a ~, 4. to restrict to the ~ , to prohibit from taking part in some usual activities , to throw (a football) intentionally to the ~ to avoid being tackled for a loss, intransitive verb to have a ~ or basis ; rely , to run a~, to hit a ~er , see: grind

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