Meaning of PLUG in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ plʌg ]

( plugs, plugging, plugged)


A plug on a piece of electrical equipment is a small plastic object with two or three metal pins which fit into the holes of an electric socket and connects the equipment to the electricity supply.



A plug is an electric socket. ( INFORMAL )



A plug is a thick, circular piece of rubber or plastic that you use to block the hole in a bath or sink when it is filled with water.

She put the plug in the sink and filled it with cold water.



A plug is a small, round piece of wood, plastic, or wax which is used to block holes.

A plug had been inserted in the drill hole.



If you plug a hole, you block it with something.

Crews are working to plug a major oil leak.

VERB : V n


If someone plugs a commercial product, especially a book or a film, they praise it in order to encourage people to buy it or see it because they have an interest in it doing well.

We did not want people on the show who are purely interested in plugging a book or film.

= promote

VERB : V n

Plug is also a noun.

Let’s do this show tonight and it’ll be a great plug, a great promotion.



see also earplug , spark plug


If someone in a position of power pulls the plug on a project or on someone’s activities, they use their power to stop them continuing.

The banks have the power to pull the plug on the project.

PHRASE : V inflects , usu PHR on n

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