Meaning of PLUG in English


■ noun

1》 a piece of solid material fitting tightly into a hole and blocking it up.

↘a mass of solidified lava filling the neck of a volcano.

2》 a device consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in a socket to make an electrical connection.

↘ informal an electrical socket.

3》 informal a piece of publicity promoting a product or event.

4》 a piece of tobacco cut from a larger cake for chewing.

↘(also ~ tobacco ) tobacco in large cakes designed to be cut for chewing.

5》 Fishing a lure with one or more hooks attached.

6》 N. Amer. informal a tired or old horse.

7》 N. Amer. informal a baby's dummy.

■ verb ( ~s , ~ging , ~ged )

1》 block or fill in (a hole or cavity).

2》 ( ~ something in ) connect an electrical appliance to the mains by means of a socket.

↘( ~ into ) have or gain access to (an information system or area of activity).

3》 informal promote (a product or event) by mentioning it publicly.

4》 N. Amer. informal shoot or hit.

5》 (usu. ~ away ) informal proceed steadily and laboriously with a task.


~ger noun


C17: from MDu. and Mid. Low Ger. ~ge , of unknown ultimate origin.

Concise Oxford English vocab.      Сжатый оксфордский словарь английского языка.