Meaning of PLUG in English


I. noun Etymology: Dutch, from Middle Dutch ~ge; akin to Middle High German pfloc ~ Date: 1606 1. a piece used to fill a hole ; stopper , an obtruding or obstructing mass of material resembling a stopper, a flat compressed cake of tobacco, a small core or segment removed from a larger object, something inferior, 5. hydrant , fire~ , spark ~ , an artificial fishing lure used primarily for casting and made with one or more sets of gang hooks, any of various devices resembling or functioning like a ~: as, a male fitting for making an electrical connection to a live circuit by insertion in a receptacle (as an outlet), a device for connecting electric wires to a jack, a piece of favorable publicity or a favorable mention usually incorporated in general matter, II. verb (~ged; ~ging) Date: 1630 transitive verb 1. to stop, make tight, or secure by inserting a ~, to remedy (a deficiency) as if by inserting a ~ , to hit with a bullet ; shoot , to advertise or publicize insistently, intransitive verb to become ~ged, to work doggedly and persistently , to fire shots, ~ger noun

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