Meaning of PLUG in English


I. ˈpləg noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Dutch, from Middle Dutch plugge plug, peg; akin to Middle High German pfloc plug, peg

1. : a piece of wood, metal, or other material used or serving to fill a hole: as

a. : stopper , stopple , bung

b. : the plunger of a pump

c. : the piece in a cock that can be turned to regulate the flow of liquid or gas

d. : plug gage

e. : an obstructing mass of material in a bodily vessel or the opening of a skin lesion

necrotic plug

fibrinous plug

f. : a more or less columnar mass of intrusive igneous rock : the filling of the conduit leading to a volcanic vent ; also : a body of rock salt of similar shape — compare bysmalith , neck I 3b(2)c

g. : a filling for a hollow tooth

h. : a reference peg driven in flush with the surface of the ground

i. : a fusible boiler plug

j. : a piece of one kind of metal inserted in a hole in the center of a coin of another kind of metal

k. : a block of wood driven or inlaid in a wall to form a nailing surface

l. : the cylindrical piece in a pin-tumbler cylinder containing the keyhole and rotated by the key — see key plug

m. : a cylindrical piece of wood or metal placed in the tubular magazine of a repeating shotgun to reduce the ammunition capacity of the magazine

n. : a separate piece of leather inserted in the upper of a shoe especially for contrast or ornament

o. : the rotating cone within the outer shell of a jordan

2. : a flat compressed cake of tobacco



(1) : blow , punch

(2) slang : boxing , fisticuffs

the noble art of plug

b. : shot

took a plug at the deer with his rifle

4. : a small core or segment that is removed from a larger object: as

a. : a piece cut from the center of a coin

b. : a core removed from something (as a watermelon or a bale of wool) as a representative sample on which to base an estimate of the quality of the whole

c. : a bit of material removed by a punch in forming a hole

5. : something inferior or defective of its kind: as

a. : an inferior and often aged or unsound horse

a race for platers and plugs

also : a quiet steady cold-blooded horse usually of light or moderate weight

stock includes three good farm plugs


(1) : a slow-selling book

(2) plugs plural : remainders

c. slang : an incompetent telegrapher

d. : a drudging student : grind

e. : a slow, stupid, or ineffective person

a willing worker but a dull old plug


a. : fireplug

b. : plug hat


(1) : spark plug

(2) : plug fuse


a. : an artificial angling lure used primarily for casting, made of wood or plastic, and usually rigged with one or more sets of gang hooks

an underwater plug

a subsurface plug

b. Britain : squid 3

8. : any of various devices resembling or functioning like a plug: as

a. : either the tapered parts or the key of a plug and feather

b. : a piece of soft steel impressed by a punch to form a die

c. : a wedge or key used to secure a railroad rail in a chair

d. : an extension to replace the broken section of watch or clock arbor end or pivot, filtering over the arbor or into a hole drilled in the arbor


(1) : a male fitting used to make an electrical connection by insertion in a receptacle or body and having one or more contact-making parts or blades that serve to close a circuit or to attach a conductor or some other piece of electrical equipment to a circuit

(2) : a device for connecting electric wires to a jack or fuseplug

9. : a piece of favorable publicity ; especially : personal or product advertising incorporated in general matter

gave the actor a plug in her column

some radio programs have become mere strings of plugs tacked together with music

II. verb

( plugged ; plugged ; plugging ; plugs )

transitive verb


a. : to stop, make tight, or secure (as an opening) by or as if by insertion of a plug

plugged the leak with tar

plug the bunghole tightly

: close an opening in — often used with up

grease plugged up the sink

b. : to fill a cavity in (a tooth)

c. : to close (a rivet) by hammering or pressing

2. : to remove a small core or segment from

plug a watermelon to test its ripeness

plugging cotton bales

3. slang

a. : to hit with a bullet : put a bullet into : shoot

b. : to strike with the fist : punch

4. : to stop (an electric motor) reversing its direction of rotation


a. : to break off or proportion (a piece of stone) with a plug and feather — usually used with off

b. : to remove a piece from the center of (a coin) and insert a piece of baser metal

c. : to alter (as a woodcut or die) by removing a portion and inserting a plug carved with the desired substitution

6. : to advertise or publicize insistently ; especially : to publicize (a piece of music) by very frequent performances

intransitive verb

1. : to become stopped or occluded — usually used with up

the drain will plug up if you let grease settle in it

2. : to work doggedly and persistently

plugged away at his lessons

3. : to fire a shot or shots

kept plugging away at the can

4. : root IV ; also : to advertise or publicize something insistently

devoted much of his talk to plugging for the party candidate

III. verb

- plug into

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