Meaning of RECOIL in English

The verb is pronounced /rɪkɔɪl/. The noun is pronounced /ri:kɔɪl/.

( recoiled)


If something makes you recoil , you move your body quickly away from it because it frightens, offends, or hurts you.

For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. I recoiled in horror...

We are attracted by nice smells and recoil from nasty ones.

VERB : V , V from n

Recoil is also a noun.

...his small body jerking in recoil from the volume of his shouting.



If you recoil from doing something or recoil at the idea of something, you refuse to do it or accept it because you dislike it so much.

People used to recoil from the idea of getting into debt...

She recoiled at the number of young girls who had to live by selling their bodies.

VERB : V from n , V at n

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