Meaning of REPORT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ rɪpɔ:(r)t ]

( reports, reporting, reported)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


If you report something that has happened, you tell people about it.

They had been called in to clear drains after local people reported a foul smell...

I reported the theft to the police...

The officials also reported that two more ships were apparently heading for Malta...

‘He seems to be all right now,’ reported a relieved Taylor...

The foreign secretary is reported as saying that force will have to be used if diplomacy fails...

She reported him missing the next day...

Between forty and fifty people are reported to have died in the fighting.

VERB : V n , V n to n , V that , V with quote , be V-ed as -ing / -ed , V n adj , be V-ed to-inf


If you report on an event or subject, you tell people about it, because it is your job or duty to do so.

Many journalists enter the country to report on political affairs...

I’ll now call at the vicarage and report to you in due course.

VERB : V on n , V to n


A report is a news article or broadcast which gives information about something that has just happened.

...a report in London’s Independent newspaper...

N-COUNT : usu with supp


A report is an official document which a group of people issue after investigating a situation or event.

After an inspection, the inspectors must publish a report.

N-COUNT : oft N on n , N by n


If you give someone a report on something, you tell them what has been happening.

She came back to give us a progress report on how the project is going...



If you say that there are reports that something has happened, you mean that some people say it has happened but you have no direct evidence of it.

There are unconfirmed reports that two people have been shot in the neighbouring town of Lalitpur...

N-COUNT : usu pl , N of n , N that


If someone reports you to a person in authority, they tell that person about something wrong that you have done.

His ex-wife reported him to police a few days later...

The Princess was reported for speeding twice on the same road within a week.

VERB : V n to n , be V-ed for -ing / n


If you report to a person or place, you go to that person or place and say that you are ready to start work or say that you are present.

Mr Ashwell has to surrender his passport and report to the police every five days...

None of the men had reported for duty.

VERB : V to n , V for n


If you say that one employee reports to another, you mean that the first employee is told what to do by the second one and is responsible to them. ( FORMAL )

He reported to a section chief, who reported to a division chief, and so on up the line.

VERB : no cont , V to n


A school report is an official written account of how well or how badly a pupil has done during the term or year that has just finished. ( BRIT; in AM, use report card )

And now she was getting bad school reports.



A report is a sudden loud noise, for example the sound of a gun being fired or an explosion. ( FORMAL )

Soon afterwards there was a loud report as the fuel tanks exploded.



see also reporting

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