Meaning of REPORT in English

I. rə̇ˈpō(ə)r]t, rēˈp-, -pȯ(ə)r], -pōə], -pȯ(ə)] sometimes ˈrēˌp-; usu ]d.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, statement, account, from Old French, from reporter, v.


a. : common talk or an account spread by common talk : a story or statement casually repeated and generally believed : rumor

denies the common report that he ghosted the whole document — Bruce Bliven b.1889

b. : fame , reputation

evil report beset him early and pursued him throughout his active life — S.H.Adams

member, 27, well experienced all branches, and of good report — Veterinary Record


a. : something that give information : a usually detailed account or statement

a weather report

an intelligence report

a news report

a stock market report

b. : notification

the health authorities had received no new reports of typhoid cases for 24 hours


(1) : an account or statement of the facts of a legal case heard and of the decision and opinion of the court or quasi-judicial administrative agency determining the case

(2) : a written submission of a question of law (as by a lower court) to an appellate court for review before final decision is entered

d. : a record of the speeches and remarks delivered and the actions taken during a meeting or session (as of a convention) especially as formally published

a report of the proceedings of the nominating convention

3. : an explosive noise

the roar of airplane engines and the sharp reports of opening parachutes filled the skies — O.N.Bradley

the report of a gun served to scare some hundreds more — C.L.Barrett


a. : a usually formal and sometimes official statement giving the conclusions and recommendations of a person or group authorized or delegated to consider a proposal

the committee made an unfavorable report on the bill

b. : a usually formal account of the results of an investigation given by a person or group authorized or delegated to make the investigation

an audit report

after exhaustive study the committee made its report on the causes of the accident

the committee presented its report on the teaching of science in the high schools

c. : an analysis of operations and progress and a statement of future plans made at stated intervals by an administrator or executive to his superiors or those to whom he is responsible

gave his departmental report to the president of the company

the board of directors issued its annual report to the stockholders

d. : a statement of a student's academic record for a particular period often including also an evaluation of his rate of progress

- on report

II.  ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷\ verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English reporten, from Middle French reporter to report, carry back, from Old French, from Latin reportare, from re- + portare to carry — more at fare

transitive verb


a. : to give an account of : narrate , relate , tell

fiction should confine itself solely to reporting emotion and behavior — Bernard De Voto

it was reported that she exercised great political influence over her husband — Martha T. Stephenson

b. : to describe as being in a specified state or condition

a servant came to the door and reported her asleep — Sherwood Anderson

reported him much improved


a. : to serve as carrier of (a message)

the ambassador reported the president's answer to his government

b. : to relate the words or sense of (something said)

what she confessed I must report — Shakespeare

report what he actually did say — Benjamin Farrington


(1) : to make a written record or summary of

report a speech

report a trial

(2) : to make a shorthand record of

most radio speakers talk too fast, and trying to report them is often discouraging — C.I.Blanchard & C.E.Zoubek


(1) : to watch for and write about the newsworthy aspects or developments of : cover

a newsman assigned to report the trial

a foreign correspondent reporting events in the Far East

(2) : to prepare or present an account of for radio or television broadcast

reports the news every evening at seven

the excited enthusiastic voice of a commentator reporting a baseball game — Maritta Wolff



(1) : to give a formal or official account or statement of : state formally

the treasurer reported a balance of ten dollars

the company reported a sales total of over a million dollars for the month

(2) : to return or present (a matter officially referred for consideration) with conclusions or recommendations ; specifically : report out

b. : to announce or relate as the result of a special search, examination, or investigation

reported the discovery of new diamond mines

reported no sign of disease

reported new evidence bearing on the authorship of the play

c. : to announce the presence, arrival, or sighting of

reported himself present

while waiting for the tower to report the general's plane — J.G.Cozzens

reported land straight ahead

d. : to make known to the proper authorities : give notification of

report a fire

report an accident

report a case of diphtheria

e. : to make a charge of misconduct against

the stationmaster all but threatened to report me — Walter de la Mare

reported the abusive student to the principal

intransitive verb


a. : to give an account of someone or something : tell

he did not simply report : he criticized and reflected — Ilse Lind

b. : to give an account of oneself : made one's whereabouts or activities known to someone

promised to report by letter

hasn't reported for days

c. : to present oneself

report for duty

report to the commanding officer

the children will report for class each day whether the school is open or not — New Republic

— often used with in or back

reported in every morning

time to report back for work

2. : to make, issue, or submit a report : present a formal statement or account

the committee will report at twelve o'clock

the inspector has not yet reported on the condition of the mine

3. : to act in the capacity of a reporter : furnish news reports

reporting for a living

Synonyms: see relate

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