Meaning of ROUGH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ rʌf ]

( rougher, roughest, roughs, roughing, roughed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


If a surface is rough , it is uneven and not smooth.

His hands were rough and calloused, from years of karate practice...

≠ smooth


• rough‧ness

She rested her cheek against the roughness of his jacket.



You say that people or their actions are rough when they use too much force and not enough care or gentleness.

Rugby’s a rough game at the best of times...

≠ gentle


• rough‧ly

A hand roughly pushed him aside.


• rough‧ness

He regretted his roughness.



A rough area, city, school, or other place is unpleasant and dangerous because there is a lot of violence or crime there.

It was quite a rough part of our town.



If you say that someone has had a rough time, you mean that they have had some difficult or unpleasant experiences.

All women have a rough time in our society...

= tough

ADJ : usu ADJ n


If you feel rough , you feel ill. ( BRIT INFORMAL )

The virus won’t go away and the lad is still feeling a bit rough.

ADJ : v-link ADJ


A rough calculation or guess is approximately correct, but not exact.

We were only able to make a rough estimate of how much fuel would be required...

= approximate

ADJ : usu ADJ n

• rough‧ly

Gambling and tourism pay roughly half the entire state budget...

= approximately

ADV : ADV with cl / group


If you give someone a rough idea, description, or drawing of something, you indicate only the most important features, without much detail.

I’ve got a rough idea of what he looks like...


• rough‧ly

He knew roughly what was about to be said...

Roughly speaking, a scientific humanist is somebody who believes in science and in humanity but not in God.

ADV : ADV with cl / group , ADV after v


You can say that something is rough when it is not neat and well made.

...a rough wooden table.


• rough‧ly

Roughly chop the tomatoes and add them to the casserole.

ADV : ADV with v


If the sea or the weather at sea is rough , the weather is windy or stormy and there are very big waves.

A fishing vessel and a cargo ship collided in rough seas.

≠ calm



When people sleep or live rough , they sleep out of doors, usually because they have no home. ( BRIT )

It makes me so sad when I see young people begging or sleeping rough on the streets.

ADV : ADV after v


If you have to rough it, you have to live without the possessions and comforts that you normally have.

You won’t be roughing it; each room comes equipped with a telephone and a 3-channel radio.

VERB : V it


rough justice: see justice

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