Meaning of ROUGH in English

adj. 1 uneven, irregular, coarse, jagged, rugged, bumpy, lumpy, broken The next mile or so we slogged over some very rough terrain 2 agitated, turbulent, choppy, stormy, storm-tossed, tempestuous, roiled We negotiated a very rough patch of water before sailing into the calm, sheltered bay 3 brusque, bluff, curt, short, abrupt, unpleasant, churlish, discourteous, impolite, rough-spoken, ungracious, surly, disrespectful, rude, uncouth, loutish, unrefined, uncivil, uncivilized, uncultured, vulgar, unladylike, ungentlemanly, coarse, ill-mannered, ill-bred, inconsiderate Ian can be a bit rough, I know, but underneath he is a true and loyal friend 4 tough, rough-and-tumble, roughneck, rowdy There are some very rough characters frequenting that pub 5 harsh, violent, unfeeling, unjust, severe, cruel, tough, hard, brutal, extreme; ungentle They were subjected to very rough treatment when being questioned by the police 6 dirty, obscene, smutty, pornographic, vulgar, crude, raw, rude After midnight they watch the rough shows beamed by satellite from Italy 7 hard, tough, Spartan, difficult, arduous, laborious, rugged, unpleasant It was pretty rough going with almost no money and all those expenses 8 harsh, grating, cacophonous, discordant, jarring, strident, raucous, rasping, unmusical, inharmonious, gruff, husky In acknowledgement he made a rough, growling noise 9 unfinished, incomplete, uncompleted, imperfect, rudimentary, crude, rude, formless, unformed, raw, rough-and-ready, rough-hewn, roughcast, undeveloped, unshaped, unworked, unwrought, unprocessed, unrefined; uncut, unpolished; shapeless, unshaped, undressed I only saw the sculpture in its rough state and cannot say how it looked when finished The stones are rough, as they were when taken from the ground. 10 general, approximate, inexact, cursory, quick, hasty, sketchy, vague, hazy; foggy, Colloq ballpark Can't you give me even a rough idea of how much you want for the house? 11 unfair, unjust, bad, tough; unlucky, unfortunate We went through a spell of rough luck last year This is a rough time for everyone. 12 See rotten, 5, above.

n. 13 rowdy, tough, hooligan, ruffian, thug, brawler, yahoo, Slang roughneck, Australian larrikin, US mug Phil will get into trouble if he continues to associate with those roughs at the Lantern 14 sketch, (rough) draft, mock-up, outline Let me see roughs of the presentation before the meeting with the client

v. 15 rough out or in. sketch, draft, mock-up, outline, mark out, trace, block out Our escape plan was roughed out by Captain Gallagher 16 rough up. beat (up), thrash, attack, batter, assault, pummel or pommel, lay on, knock about, belabour, lambaste, Colloq wallop Some of the boys roughed him up a bit when they learned that he was an informer

adv. 17 violently, savagely, brutally, brutishly You'd best not mention Cassie or Henry might cut up rough

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