Meaning of STING in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ stɪŋ ]

( stings, stinging, stung)


If a plant, animal, or insect stings you, a sharp part of it, usually covered with poison, is pushed into your skin so that you feel a sharp pain.

The nettles stung their legs...

This type of bee rarely stings.

VERB : V n , V


The sting of an insect or animal is the part that stings you.

Remove the bee sting with tweezers.



If you feel a sting , you feel a sharp pain in your skin or other part of your body.

This won’t hurt–you will just feel a little sting.

N-COUNT : usu sing


If a part of your body stings , or if a substance stings it, you feel a sharp pain there.

His cheeks were stinging from the icy wind...

Sprays can sting sensitive skin.

VERB : V , V n


If someone’s remarks sting you, they make you feel hurt and annoyed.

He’s a sensitive lad and some of the criticism has stung him...

= hurt

VERB : no cont , V n

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