Meaning of STING in English


[sting] vb stung ; [ME, fr. OE stingan; akin to ON stinga to sting and prob. to Gk stachys spike of grain, stochos target, aim] vt (bef. 12c) 1: to prick painfully: as a: to pierce or wound with a poisonous or irritating process b: to affect with sharp quick pain or smart "hail stung their faces"

2: to cause to suffer acutely "stung with remorse"

3: overcharge, cheat ~ vi 1: to wound one with or as if with a sting

2: to feel a keen burning pain or smart; also: to cause such pain -- adv

[2]sting n (bef. 12c) 1 a: the act of stinging; specif: the thrust of a stinger into the flesh b: a wound or pain caused by or as if by stinging

2: stinger 2

3: a sharp or stinging element, force, or quality

4: an elaborate confidence game; specif: such a game worked by undercover police in order to trap criminals

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