Meaning of SUGGEST in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ sədʒest, AM səgdʒ- ]

( suggests, suggesting, suggested)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


If you suggest something, you put forward a plan or idea for someone to think about.

He suggested a link between class size and test results of seven-year-olds...

I suggest you ask him some specific questions about his past...

I suggested to Mike that we go out for a meal with his colleagues...

No one has suggested how this might occur...

‘Could he be suffering from amnesia?’ I suggested...

So instead I suggested taking her out to dinner for a change.

VERB : V n , V that , V to n that , V wh , V with quote , V -ing


If you suggest the name of a person or place, you recommend them to someone.

Could you suggest someone to advise me how to do this?...

They can suggest where to buy one.

VERB : V n , V wh to-inf


If you suggest that something is the case, you say something which you believe is the case.

I’m not suggesting that is what is happening...

It is wrong to suggest that there are easy alternatives...

Their success is conditional, I suggest, on this restriction.

VERB : V that , V that , V that


If one thing suggests another, it implies it or makes you think that it might be the case.

Earlier reports suggested that a meeting would take place on Sunday...

Its hairy body suggests a mammal.

VERB : V that , V n


If one thing suggests another, it brings it to your mind through an association of ideas.

This onomatopoeic word suggests to me the sound a mousetrap makes when it snaps shut.

VERB : V n

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