Meaning of SUGGEST in English



a poll shows/indicates/suggests sth

Polls show that older voters are most concerned about economic issues.

a study suggests/indicates sth

A British study suggests that older drivers are safer drivers.

a survey suggests sth

Recent surveys suggest that these are the foreign languages most in demand by employers.

an analysis suggests/indicates sth

Our analysis suggests that these problems are widespread.

common sense suggests sth

People don't always do what common sense suggests.

data indicates/suggests sth

Our data indicates that weather patterns are likely to get more extreme.

experience suggests/shows sth

Experience suggests that children who commit crimes will continue to offend as adults.

logic suggests sth (= used when you want to argue that something is reasonable )

Logic suggests that if the air is warmer, more water evaporates.

statistics suggest sth

Housing conditions are far worse than the statistics suggest.

sth suggests a connection

There is nothing to suggest a connection between the hospital food and the illness.

strongly suggest/advise/recommend sth

Before taking action, you are strongly recommended to consult an accountant.

suggest an alternative

Do you have an alternative you can suggest?

suggest/put forward a solution

The chairman put forward a possible solution.




It also suggests a unity of interest between the various forces of finance and conservatism.

The findings also suggest that recession and growing parental responsibility have resulted in fewer legalized women immigrants working outside the home.

Some economists have also suggested that the present sales taxes should be replaced by a valued added tax.

It also suggests political standards haven't changed much.

The research also suggests that farmers overestimate the size of the fox population.

We also suggest that the kind of mix that results has great significance for the stability and performance of the political system.

The report also suggests that multinational users now have the clout to force service providers to cut their prices.

If you have any queries your pharmacist will be pleased to give advice and may also suggest that you visit your dentist.


Circumstantial evidence, I know, but evidence that strongly suggests that the engineer was clobbered by a heavy metallic instrument.

All the phenomena to be described under the section Complex Partial Seizures strongly suggest a temporal lobe origin.

The experiments with clock-shifted pigeons, however, strongly suggest that the sun supplies their preferred compass.

The evidence from excellent companies strongly suggests that managers who feel this way are doing them selves a disservice.

This strongly suggests that the peripheral males are exploiting the calling male's ability to attract females.

The results from more than a decade of study strongly suggest that, in fact, there is a connection.

The foregoing strongly suggests that dividend policy and practice contains important information for the shareholder.

Evidence strongly suggests that a serious problem exists and research is needed to better understand this phenomenon and its causes.



Nevertheless, the data suggest that if levels were more accurate they would have been lower in the peptic ulcer group.

However, this result may be misleading, as two of those commenting on Buss's data have suggested .

The data suggest that gender role is influential.

But the polling data and interviews suggest something else as well.

These data suggest that overall between 1% and 2% of boys need circumcision for medical indications.

Comparative data in Chapter 3 suggested that in most countries few adults are political gladiators.

All these data suggest that H5 is associated with chromatin that is inactive in transcription and replication.

Moreover, the data suggest that Baumol-type models can account for only a very small proportion of total transactions balances.


The central dogma is of course a theory, but there is no evidence to suggest that it is wrong.

This myth survives even though there is not a lot of evidence to suggest that it is true.

The evidence of Western civilisation suggests that the status of older people has been generally low, but variably so.

There is another piece of evidence to suggest that there is not hostility.

The evidence would suggest at least that Heahberht was established and secured in power in Kent through Offa's intervention and support.

There is evidence to suggest that by the time of Euclid these observations were occurring in a cone of vision.

Labour spokesman David Oakenson says there's evidence to suggest the blame lies with Swindon Police.


However, experience around the country suggests that materials arrive late in the school term or not at all.

My own experience suggests that journalists seem pro-change because change is news and status quo is not.

On the contrary, it is the context, matched, or mismatched, to past experience , which suggests appropriate labelling.

This is an uncommon situation as experimental experience suggests that the energy change is finite.

Past experience suggests that some governments, at least, may not be prepared to sit this one out.

Case study experience further suggests that even this use is questionable.

Valenzuela's experience suggest - disturbingly - that it could happen to anyone.


Before his report Mr Brown had suggested that he would only be freezing duty.

Already there are reports of testimony suggesting that Steffi knew of the alleged tax-evasion scam all along.

The report suggests that individual products could be labelled to inform the public about how much electricity the appliances consume.

Even so, recent economic reports suggest growth is flagging.

Editor's Note: The report was misleading in suggesting Mr Bacon's remarks were made at the inquiry.

The report also suggested Braun had been guilty of felony mishandling of public funds.

He's published a report suggesting new restrictions on bikes, even though he's a rider himself.

In recent weeks, reports from the area suggest the situation has worsened.


There has been research which suggests that moderately strong automatic stemming can be applied in specialized online reference retrieval searching.

There is very little research to suggest whether skill standards and certificates will work in the United States.

The latter's research suggests that patients receiving clozapine may well cost services less over time by producing more positive clinical outcomes.

Other research has suggested that such chemicals may cause damage when they are combined.

Today, some research suggests that 50 percent of the city's intravenous drug users have been infected.

But research suggests that in many or most countries, male attitudes are not a major barrier to family planning.

The subjects of research can be suggested by those closest to the problem.

Whether bound for work or college, this research suggests , many students are too passive.


Early results from Roosevelt suggest that the pathway focus actually may encourage students to take more, not less, academics.

Our preliminary results suggest that endosonography is better than computed tomography in the evaluation of tumour infiltration in these patients.

One might think that the business interests would have more sway, but the results suggest otherwise.

These results suggest that the loss of intercellular communication mediated by gap junctions may be associated with the recurrence of gastric ulcers.

These result suggest that most elderly patients have some difficulty in making the best use of eye-drops.

The results suggest that polymeric diets are as safe and effective as steroids in inducing short term remission.

This theory has recently been investigated scientifically, and the results suggest that it could well be correct.


Our study therefore suggests three important conclusions.

But recent studies suggest this category makes up less than 12 percent of minimum wage workers.

This study suggests some degree of idiopathic autonomic denervation in patients with slow transit constipation.

But most research studies suggest that sharing practical support is more characteristic of women.

Other studies suggest supplementation at 400 to 800 International Units.

Neither he nor his aides refuted a recent study suggesting that the bill would push 2. 6 million people into poverty.

In fact, some studies suggest that younger and fitter people fare worse than those who are older and less fit.



And it is arguable that the mine closures were a blessing, not the disaster which Susanna Rance seems to suggest .

As I came out of the pinon foothills, the flat openness still seemed to suggest swarms of screaming mounted warriors.

The advertiser seems to suggest that it could be, if you ate their product.

This would seem to suggest that the head can not belong to the Aztec civilisation.

To many of them it seemed abhorrent to suggest that the Mosaic law was other than final.

It seems reasonable to suggest that the natural theme we is omitted in the second sentence in order to foreground the rheme.


dare I say/suggest

Dohnányi, dare I say it, is merely bland.

Fashionwise, it was not a night to look, dare I say it, nice.

For children of all ages this is a fascinating display and one, dare I say it, which reaches new heights.

Of course some of Our Guild Members are dare I say it just that wee bit narrow minded.

What if some one could undergo that absorption with a cool ... dare I say it? ... scientific rationale.

You may, dare I say it, need the money.


''Why don't you come with us?" Alan suggested.

"Why not ask Dad?" he suggested.

A child's behavior might suggest to others that there are problems at home.

All members are invited to suggest names.

All the evidence suggests that the problem has improved in recent years.

Can you suggest where we might be able to get a decent meal?

Current data suggests that there could be life on Mars.

He spread his hands to suggest the size of the fish.

His letter seemed to suggest that he wasn't satisfied with my work.

I'm not suggesting you deliberately tried to mislead us, just that you made a mistake.

I'm not sure which is the best wine to order. What would you suggest ?

I suggest we take a break and finish this later.

In fact, the situation is far worse than these figures suggest .

It is still not clear what these facts suggest -- perhaps a new strain of the virus, or a completely new virus.

It was a sunny afternoon, and Jim suggested a trip to the beach.

It was raining heavily, and she suggested calling a taxi.

My Dad suggested that I should apply for the job.

Robert suggested his son for the vacant directorship.

Sarah suggested that I should apply for this job.

The door had not been forced open, which strongly suggests that the victim was known to her killer.


A $ 10 donation is suggested.

He suggested abortion two or three times and made it very clear that he thought I was making a mistake.

It may be suggested that there is an element of rejection in being referred.

On most patients, the repetition by themselves of one word will cause the associated words to suggest themselves.

Readers may recall that President Ronald Reagan once suggested himself that trees were polluters.

The date of this odd but interesting ballet might suggest intimations of flower power.

These changes in mortality, especially among the old elderly, suggest that we have not reached the maximum human lifespan.

This suggests that Mr Lion had been deliberately singled out as a scapegoat and given no time to defend himself.

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