Meaning of SUGGEST in English

/ səˈdʒest; NAmE ; NAmE also səgˈdʒ-/ verb


suggest sth (to sb) to put forward an idea or a plan for other people to think about

SYN propose :

[ vn ]

May I suggest a white wine with this dish, Sir?

A solution immediately suggested itself to me (= I immediately thought of a solution) .

[ v ( that )]

I suggest (that) we go out to eat.

[ v -ing ]

I suggested going in my car.

[ vn that ]

It has been suggested that bright children take their exams early.

( BrE also)

It has been suggested that bright children should take their exams early.


suggest sb/sth (for sth) | suggest sb/sth (as sth) to tell sb about a suitable person, thing, method, etc. for a particular job or purpose

SYN recommend :

[ vn ]

Who would you suggest for the job?

She suggested Paris as a good place for the conference.

Can you suggest a good dictionary?

HELP NOTE : You cannot 'suggest somebody something': Can you suggest me a good dictionary?

[ v wh- ]

Can you suggest how I might contact him?


suggest sth (to sb) to put an idea into sb's mind; to make sb think that sth is true

SYN indicate :

[ v ( that )]

All the evidence suggests (that) he stole the money.

[ vn ]

The symptoms suggest a minor heart attack.

What do these results suggest to you?


to state sth indirectly

SYN imply :

[ v ( that )]

Are you suggesting (that) I'm lazy?

[ vn ]

I would never suggest such a thing.



early 16th cent.: from Latin suggest- suggested, prompted, from the verb suggerere , from sub- from below + gerere bring.

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