Meaning of TAPE in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ teɪp ]

( tapes, taping, taped)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


Tape is a narrow plastic strip covered with a magnetic substance. It is used to record sounds, pictures, and computer information.

Many students declined to be interviewed on tape.

N-UNCOUNT : oft on N


A tape is a cassette or spool with magnetic tape wound round it.

She still listens to the tapes I made her.



If you tape music, sounds, or television pictures, you record them using a tape recorder or a video recorder.

She has just taped an interview...

He shouldn’t be taping without the singer’s permission.

...taped evidence from prisoners.

VERB : V n , V , V-ed


A tape is a strip of cloth used to tie things together or to identify who a piece of clothing belongs to.

The books were all tied up with tape.



A tape is a ribbon that is stretched across the finishing line of a race.

...the finishing tape.

N-COUNT : supp N


Tape is a sticky strip of plastic used for sticking things together.



If you tape one thing to another, you attach it using sticky tape.

I taped the base of the feather onto the velvet...

The envelope has been tampered with and then taped shut again.

VERB : V n onto/to n , be V-ed adj


see also magnetic tape , masking tape , red tape , sticky tape , videotape

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