Meaning of TAPE in English

/ teɪp; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] a long narrow strip of magnetic material that is used for recording sounds, pictures or information :

His albums are available on tape and CD.

—see also magnetic tape , videotape


[ C ] a cassette that contains sounds, or sounds and pictures, that have been recorded :

a blank tape (= a tape that has nothing recorded on it)

I lent her my Bob Marley tapes.

Police seized various books and tapes.


[ U ] a long narrow strip of material with a sticky substance on one side that is used for sticking things together :

adhesive / sticky tape

—see also insulating tape , masking tape , Scotch tape , Sellotape


[ C , U ] a narrow strip of material that is used for tying things together or as a label :

The papers were in a pile, tied together with a tape.

—see also red tape , ticker tape


[ C ] a long narrow strip of material that is stretched across the place where a race will finish :

the finishing tape


[ C ] = tape measure

■ verb [ vn ]


to record sb/sth on magnetic tape using a special machine :

Private conversations between the two had been taped and sent to a newspaper.


tape sth (up) to fasten sth by sticking or tying it with tape :

Put it in a box and tape it up securely.


[+ adv. / prep. ] to stick sth onto sth else using sticky tape :

Someone had taped a message on the door.


( NAmE ) tape sth (up) to tie a bandage firmly around an injury or a wound :

That's a nasty cut—come on, we'll get it all taped up.


- have (got) sb/sth taped



Old English tæppa , tæppe ; perhaps related to Middle Low German teppen pluck, tear.

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