Meaning of TOUT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ taʊt ]

( touts, touting, touted)


If someone touts something, they try to sell it or convince people that it is good.

It has the trappings of an election campaign in the United States, with slick television ads touting the candidates.

VERB : V n [ disapproval ]


If someone touts for business or custom, they try to obtain it. ( mainly BRIT )

He visited Thailand and Singapore to tout for investment...

VERB : V for n


If someone touts tickets, they sell them outside a sports ground or theatre, usually for more than their original value. ( BRIT; in AM, use scalp )

...a man who made his money touting tickets...

VERB : V n


A tout is someone who sells things such as tickets unofficially, usually at prices which are higher than the official ones. ( BRIT; in AM, use scalper )


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