Meaning of TOUT in English


[tout] vb [ME tuten to peer; prob. akin to OE totian to stick out, Norw tyte] vt (ca. 1700) 1: to spy on: watch

2. a Brit: to spy out information about (as a racing stable or horse) b: to give a tip or solicit bets on (a racehorse)

3: to solicit, peddle, or persuade importunately "not meant to ~ you off the movie --Russell Baker"

4: to praise or publicize loudly or extravagantly "~ed as the ... most elaborate suburban shopping development --Wall Street Jour." ~ vi 1: to solicit patronage

2. a chiefly Brit: to spy on racehorses in training to gain information for betting b: to give a tip or solicit bets on a racehorse

[2]tout n (1853): one who touts: as a: one who solicits patronage b chiefly Brit: one who spies out racing information for betting purposes c: one who gives tips or solicits bets on a racehorse

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