Meaning of UNDERNEATH in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ʌndə(r)ni:θ ]


If one thing is underneath another, it is directly under it, and may be covered or hidden by it.

The device exploded underneath a van.

...using dogs to locate people trapped underneath collapsed buildings.

...a table for two underneath the olive trees...

Her apartment was underneath a bar, called ‘The Lift’.

= beneath


Underneath is also an adverb.

He has on a denim shirt with a T-shirt underneath.

...if we could maybe pull back a bit of this carpet to see what’s underneath...

ADV : n ADV , ADV after v , be ADV , from ADV


The part of something which is underneath is the part which normally touches the ground or faces towards the ground.

Check the actual construction of the chair by looking underneath...

His bare feet were smooth on top and rough-skinned underneath.

ADV : ADV after v , n / adj ADV

Underneath is also an adjective.

Some objects had got entangled with the underneath mechanism of the engine.


Underneath is also a noun.

Now I know what the underneath of a car looks like.

N-SING : the N


You use underneath when talking about feelings and emotions that people do not show in their behaviour.

He was as violent as Nick underneath...

ADV : ADV with cl

Underneath is also a preposition.

Underneath his outgoing behaviour Luke was shy.


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