Meaning of UNDERNEATH in English



If one thing is ~ another, it is directly under it, and may be covered or hidden by it.

The device exploded ~ a van.

...using dogs to locate people trapped ~ collapsed buildings.

...a table for two ~ the olive trees...

Her apartment was ~ a bar, called ‘The Lift’.

= beneath


Underneath is also an adverb.

He has on a denim shirt with a T-shirt ~.

...if we could maybe pull back a bit of this carpet to see what’s ~...

ADV: n ADV, ADV after v, be ADV, from ADV


The part of something which is ~ is the part which normally touches the ground or faces towards the ground.

Check the actual construction of the chair by looking ~...

His bare feet were smooth on top and rough-skinned ~.

ADV: ADV after v, n/adj ADV

Underneath is also an adjective.

Some objects had got entangled with the ~ mechanism of the engine.


Underneath is also a noun.

Now I know what the ~ of a car looks like.

N-SING: the N


You use ~ when talking about feelings and emotions that people do not show in their behaviour.

He was as violent as Nick ~...

ADV: ADV with cl

Underneath is also a preposition.

Underneath his outgoing behaviour Luke was shy.


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