Meaning of BITTER in English


(~est, ~s)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.


In a ~ argument or conflict, people argue very angrily or fight very fiercely.

...the scene of ~ fighting during the Second World War.

...a ~ attack on the Government’s failure to support manufacturing...



Any such thing would be ~ly opposed by most of the world’s democracies.

...a ~ly fought football match.

ADV: usu ADV with v, also ADV adj


The rift within the organization reflects the growing ~ness of the dispute.



If someone is ~ after a disappointing experience or after being treated unfairly, they continue to feel angry about it.

She is said to be very ~ about the way she was sacked...

His long life was marked by ~ personal and political memories.



‘And he sure didn’t help us,’ Grant said ~ly.

...the party bureaucrats who ~ly resented their loss of power.

ADV: usu ADV with v, also ADV adj


I still feel ~ness and anger towards the person who knocked me down.



A ~ experience makes you feel very disappointed. You can also use ~ to emphasize feelings of disappointment.

I think the decision was a ~ blow from which he never quite recovered...

The statement was greeted with ~ disappointment by many of the other delegates.

ADJ: usu ADJ n


I was ~ly disappointed to have lost yet another race so near the finish.

ADV: ADV adj, ADV with v


Bitter weather, or a ~ wind, is extremely cold.

Outside, a ~ east wind was accompanied by flurries of snow.



It’s been ~ly cold here in Moscow.

ADV: ADV adj


A ~ taste is sharp, not sweet, and often slightly unpleasant.

The leaves taste rather ~.

? sweet



Bitter is a kind of beer that is light brown in colour. (BRIT)

...a pint of ~.



If you say that you will continue doing something to the ~ end, especially something difficult or unpleasant, you are emphasizing that you will continue doing it until it is completely finished.

The guerrillas would fight to the ~ end, he said, in order to achieve their main goal.

PHRASE: PHR after v emphasis


a ~ pill: see pill

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