Meaning of BITTER in English


adj. & n.


1. having a sharp pungent taste; not sweet.

2 a caused by or showing mental pain or resentment (bitter memories; bitter rejoinder). b painful or difficult to accept (bitter disappointment).

3 a harsh; virulent (bitter animosity). b piercingly cold.


1. Brit. beer strongly flavoured with hops and having a bitter taste.

2 (in pl.) liquor with a bitter flavour (esp. of wormwood) used as an additive in cocktails.

Phrases and idioms:

bitter-apple COLOCYNTH. bitter orange SEVILLE ORANGE. bitter pill something unpleasant that has to be accepted. bitter-sweet adj.

1. sweet with a bitter after-taste.

2 arousing pleasure tinged with pain or sorrow.


1. a sweetness with a bitter after-taste. b pleasure tinged with pain or sorrow.

2 woody nightshade (see NIGHTSHADE). to the bitter end to the very end in spite of difficulties.


bitterly adv. bitterness n.

Etymology: OE biter prob. f. Gmc: to the bitter end may be assoc. with a Naut. word bitter 'last part of a cable': see BITTS

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