Meaning of BITTER in English




a bitter argument

There are bitter arguments about whether he was a hero or a war criminal.

a bitter blow (= extremely disappointing )

Their defeat was a bitter blow.

a bitter comment (= an angry one )

Several pensioners passed some bitter comments.

a bitter complaint (= a very angry one )

The people are full of bitter complaints about their government.

a bitter disagreement

There are reports of bitter disagreement between the EU and the US over this issue.

a bitter divorce (= involving very angry feelings )

After a long and bitter divorce, Wendy was looking forward to starting a new life.

a bitter exchange (= one in which people criticize each other with strong feelings of hate and anger )

There were bitter exchanges between them outside the court room.

a bitter rival (= one that hates you )

They have long been bitter rivals.

a bitter strike (= with angry feelings between workers and managers )

The miners finally returned to work at the end of a long, bitter strike.

a bitter/fierce dispute (= very angry )

It caused a bitter dispute between the neighbouring republics.

a fierce/bitter clash (= involving violence and strong feelings )

Fierce clashes swept across Bosnia and Croatia.

a fierce/bitter opponent (= a very strong opponent, who often expresses their opinions angrily )

She became well-known as a bitter opponent of slavery.

an icy/biting/bitter wind (= very cold )

She shivered in the icy wind.

bitter accusations (= angry )

The dispute was marked by bitter accusations from both sides.

bitter chocolate (= dark chocolate with a strong sharp taste )

Bitter chocolate may be added to meat sauces for extra flavour.

bitter conflict (= very angry )

The new law provoked bitter conflict.

bitter controversy (= involving very angry feelings )

The strike was called off, amid bitter controversy.

bitter disappointment (= feeling disappointed in a very unhappy and upset way )

The fans felt bitter disappointment at England's failure to qualify for the finals.

bitter enemies (= enemies who hate each other very much )

When these former friends quarrelled over money, they became bitter enemies.

bitter experience (= experience that makes you feel disappointed or upset )

I knew from bitter experience how unreliable she could be.

bitter regret (= when you feel sad and angry )

To the bitter regret of his party, he refused to call an election.

bitter resentment (= very strong )

Heavy-handed policing caused bitter resentment.

bitter tears

She wept bitter tears of remorse for leaving her children behind.

bitter wrangle

a bitter wrangle over copyright

bitter (= involving strong feelings of anger or hatred )

They are locked in a bitter quarrel over ownership of the land.


The brandy would not have masked the bitter taste of the poison.

fierce/bitter/harsh/sharp criticism (= involving angry feelings )

The prison system has been the object of fierce criticism.

keg beer/bitter British English (= beer served from a keg )

passionate/intense/deep/bitter hatred (= hatred that is felt very strongly )

What, I wondered, had I done to provoke such deep hatred?

sweet/spicy/bitter/salty etc

The flavor was like peaches, but not as sweet.

taste sweet/bitter/sour/salty

He handed me some black stuff which tasted bitter.

tragic/cruel/bitter etc irony

The tragic irony is that the drug was supposed to save lives.




The issue of potency level has been a source of the bitterest argument between practitioners since Hom£opathy began.

After a bitter argument when Albee was a teen-ager, she threw him out of the house.

But defining and ranking these concepts produced some of the drafters' bitterest arguments .


He also launched a bitter attack on the judiciary, accusing it of corruption.


It would also help if he had been engaged in a much publicised and bitter battle with the Prime Minister.

In the United States, an ever-more bitter battle had been fought around this issue since abortion was legalized in 1972.

But a press backlash did get into gear, leaving a handful of diehard music writers to fight a bitter battle .

A bitter battle is fought as to whether it should be six or five or four.


It was a bitter blow when the trustees preferred the reprint.

The loss of that partner through death, either shortly before retirement or afterwards, comes as a bitter blow .

It was a particularly bitter blow for Leeds, because in the very first minute they should have levelled the tie.

So defeat was a bitter blow to Dowding.


Nothing for certain but the dark weather and the bitter cold .

Mormons sang and danced to fight off the bitter cold of Iowa in winter.

I got dressed quickly in the bitter cold of the room, and washed when I could.

Hunger and the bitter cold would have reduced bird numbers and driven species to flock in the open fields.

When she emerged into the car park the bitter cold enveloped her insidiously; it had been so much milder in Keyhole.


During the tumultuous years that followed, Nottinghamshire was to play a major role in the bitter conflict .

Today, the Mirror looks back to the first tragic deaths in one of the world's longest and more bitter conflicts .

The 1890s and early 1900s saw a series of bitter conflicts associated with drives for union recognition.

No one can deny that many of the most bitter conflicts in the world today have religious components to them.


A bitter debate over cuts opened with Labour's proposal to cut about £700,000 from pre-five education.

Both demolition projects set off bitter debates .

The idea of rewarding groups is also gaining steam in the bitter debate over merit pay for teachers.

The number of permissible House terms has been a subject of bitter debate .


There is no doubt that the outcome of that long campaign, the Act itself, was a bitter disappointment to working-class radicals.

Except, of course, for the bitter disappointment of his day lilies.

Even in pure mathematics, he met with one bitter disappointment .

To your bitter disappointment your request to go to a meeting in another town is turned down. 7.

At this point he was overcome with bitter disappointment .

Their bitter disappointment with Netanyahu and his government was not primarily political.

This was a bitter disappointment to Oliver, but his new friends were still as kind to him as ever.

Bishop carefully watched as first bitter disappointment and then professional concern chased startled horror from the woman's face.


It is now the subject of a bitter dispute between the neighbouring republics.

Exactly when the Gingrich case will come to a close has become a matter of bitter dispute .

The parts makers must therefore take some pleasure in Mr Lopez's increasingly bitter dispute with his former employer.

The biggest gains and the most bitter disputes arise over trades between north and south.

The bill has bogged down in bitter disputes over the balance between law enforcement and civil liberties.


He would fight my case to the bitter end , he vowed.

I stayed to the bitter end .

And there, some plunging sense of his own inadequacy assured him, he would find the bitter end of his search.

Master Yehudi always won, and he went on winning to the bitter end .

He at least was ready to slug it out to the bitter end .

Do I intend to campaign to the bitter end ?

But a promise is a promise and we have to pursue this thing to the bitter end .

He must be seen to be productive until the bitter end .


Both Rennenkampf and Samsonov had distinguished military records as cavalry commanders in Manchuria, but they had quarrelled and become bitter enemies .

The southern conviction that the Republicans were bitter enemies of slavery precipitated this decision.

In the course of time he and Richard were to become fellow-crusaders and bitter enemies .

The two neighbors fought a war from 1980 to 1988 and still are bitter enemies .

He felt humiliated and helpless; his bitter enemy and master, Hassanali Fakhru, stood in the doorway and spoke.


Union attitudes have been powerfully conditioned by long and bitter experience .

Yet he knew from bitter experience that forging such a bond in the late twentieth century entailed experimentation and error.

I've learnt that from bitter experience !

Had she forgotten the bitter experience of her own childhood?

All three, from their different perspectives, and each with bitter experience , saw the dangers of noble egoism.

She knew from bitter experience how treacherous such feelings could be, and the blind alleyways down which they led.

Some of these fears have been forged out of bitter experience .

Many had also learnt from bitter experience that a good education was needed in the continuing battle against colour prejudice.


Passage of the 1994 law came after a bitter fight that lasted nearly a decade.

The United States will continue to furnish you and your people with the fullest measure of support in this bitter fight .


Raw berries should be cooked and sweetened before being eaten because they have an intensely bitter flavour .


The bitter irony was that the whole plan had been her idea right from the start.

His work is thus marked with a bitter irony which permeated not only the substance of his theory but also its method.

And the bitterest irony of all was that he himself was a victim.

It was a bitter irony that he condemned her for loving a man who was out of reach.


She shook her head as a short, unexpectedly bitter laugh bubbled up from her chest.

A bitter laugh rose up like bile in her throat.


Now she didn't even have that - just a few bitter memories .

To those present dangers are added bitter memories .

Isabel moved restlessly as bitter memories engulfed her.

Old and bitter memories welled up inside her once more.


Even his most bitter opponents are keeping their heads down.

Ironically, the firm which achieved success in this area - CIT-Alcatel - was the most bitter opponent of Giscard d'Estaing.


The traditionalist camp has had to swallow some bitter pills .

Its failure to comfort is just another bitter pill .

Lamb and Botham had to swallow the very bitter pill of being dropped.

We were in such a state we decided to swallow what seemed the bitter pill of Thatcherism.

And we can speak up to tell them that bitter pills are indigestible.

It was a bitter pill for the 117 men listed to swallow with their Thanksgiving turkey yesterday.

It was a bit of a blow, a bitter pill to swallow.


Early returns show bitter rival and outgoing President Slobodan Milosevic well ahead in the race.

Six teams are bitter rivals in what will be a fight to the finish.


A bitter smile crossed his face as his eyes ranged over the top men in the giant corporation.

A bitter smile touched his lips at that, for hadn't Grainne long since been lost?

He smiled a small bitter smile, and pushed the white folder aside.


It will be a bitter struggle against myself but I know I can do it.

The Buccaneers, locked in a bitter struggle for a new stadium, could attempt to leave Tampa Bay after next season.

But the Bolsheviks were determined to frustrate them and immediately after October a bitter struggle ensued between the workers and the party.

They would not understand what a bitter struggle my whole life has been.

He contrasts the love themes of Romeo and Juliet with those which accompany the bitter struggles and fights between Montague and Capulet.

This bitter struggle was personified by the Soong family, for years rent by political differences and petty jealousies.

It was a long and bitter struggle with great losses on both sides, causing a serious weakening of the imperial army.

Today's move is expected to be the conclusion of a bitter struggle for control of the group.


The pills left a bitter taste , a raging thirst and pent-up energy for which there was no outlet.

Right now the bitter taste matched her mood.

Sweet as the victory over polio was, one medical historian wrote: It left a slightly bitter taste in many mouths.

Then look at each one very carefully, removing any yellowish pieces, which may give the finished dish a bitter taste .

Even after swallowing it, its bitter taste lingered long in my mouth.

But Kenny Brown's reply left a bitter taste in their mouths.

She had tasted the fear of being cast out, and it left a bitter taste in her mouth.


The bright images of individual stars elongated and blurred into melting crystalline shapes as bitter tears pricked in Vologsky's eyes.

Hot, bitter tears rolled down her cheeks, and with them came back the noise of the street.

Just that one brief moment of madness ... Then the bitter tears of self-reproach.

Finally he lay prone, still, exhausted; and bitter tears oozed out between his eyelids.

Fighting back the sting of bitter tears , Lissa straightened her clothes, and left the office by a back door.

She buried her face in her hands and burst into bitter tears .

Inside the coach I cried the bitterest tears of my life.


He came out of the station restaurant into the bitter wind and strode across the car park.

A bitter wind whips across the seared fields and bristly pastures behind the produce stand.

Early that January a bitter wind blowing off the far Urals seized East Anglia in a grip of ice.

Holly stepped out into the bitter wind .

A cold, bitter wind blows through the branches, its whistling filled with the cries of tormented souls.

A bitter wind scurried among the branches of the trees that rose above and behind the stark line of old-fashioned eagle cages.

Her eyes were half-closed and her cheeks were stiff with the numbing cold of the bitter wind .

The farm was beside Lake Eyrie and rain, along with bitter winds , would sweep over the vineyard.


Oxfam say woman and children are particularly at risk from the bitter winter weather.

The bitter winter had all the country in its grip.

That was a bitter winter in all ways.


a bitter east wind

a bitter legal battle over custody of the children

I used to be very bitter and angry, but I've gotten over it.

She shot a bitter glance in his direction and left.

strong, bitter coffee

The herb rue has a bitter taste, which makes it unpopular for cooking.

The medicine tasted bitter .

The party suffered a bitter defeat in 1964.

There has been bitter fighting in the hills to the north of the capital.

Try not to burn the oil, it will make the sauce taste bitter .


Because he was literate and articulate, he showed a bitter contempt for the self-appointed intellectuals of the inter-war years.

I ask if I might have some green tea and feel even better as I sip the bitter , warm liquid.

She loved him so much, and to realise that she was only an episode in his busy life was bitter indeed.

The citron has the most beautiful fragrance of all the citrus fruits and its pith is not bitter .

The extract is bitter but tolerable, and the root has the taste of a radish past its prime.

The wind was bitter , but when they lay down Glover felt the warmth of the sun.

There is no doubt that the outcome of that long campaign, the Act itself, was a bitter disappointment to working-class radicals.

What had he done to make Juliet so vengeful and bitter ?

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