Meaning of EXTRACT in English




To ~ a substance means to obtain it from something else, for example by using industrial or chemical processes.

...the traditional method of pick and shovel to ~ coal...

Citric acid can be ~ed from the juice of oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit.

...looking at the differences in the ~ed DNA.

VERB: V n, be V-ed from n, V-ed, also V n from n


Petroleum engineers plan and manage the ~ion of oil.

N-UNCOUNT: oft the N of n


If you ~ something from a place, you take it out or pull it out.

He ~ed a small notebook from his hip pocket...

Patterson went straight to the liquor cabinet and ~ed a bottle of Scotch...

VERB: V n from n, V n


When a dentist ~s a tooth, they remove it from the patient’s mouth.

A dentist may decide to ~ the tooth to prevent recurrent trouble...

She is to go and have a tooth ~ed at 3 o’clock today.

VERB: V n, have n V-ed

~ion (~ions)

In those days, dentistry was basic. Extractions were carried out without anaesthetic.



If you say that someone ~s something, you disapprove of them because they take it for themselves to gain an advantage.

He sought to ~ the maximum political advantage from the cut in interest rates...

VERB: V n from n disapproval


If you ~ information or a response from someone, you get it from them with difficulty, because they are unwilling to say or do what you want.

He made the mistake of trying to ~ further information from our director...

VERB: V n from n


If you ~ a particular piece of information, you obtain it from a larger amount or source of information.

I’ve simply ~ed a few figures...

Britain’s trade figures can no longer be ~ed from export-and-import documentation at ports.

VERB: V n, be V-ed from n, also V n from n


If part of a book or text is ~ed from a particular book, it is printed or published. (JOURNALISM)

This material has been ~ed from ‘Collins Good Wood Handbook’.

V-PASSIVE: be V-ed from n


An ~ from a book or piece of writing is a small part of it that is printed or published separately.

Read this ~ from an information booklet about the work of an airline cabin crew.

= excerpt

N-COUNT: usu N from n


An ~ is a substance that has been obtained from something else, for example by means of a chemical or industrial process.

Blend in the lemon ~, lemon peel and walnuts.

N-MASS: oft n N


see also yeast ~

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