Meaning of PROTECTION in English



Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


To give or be ~ against something unpleasant means to prevent people or things from being harmed or damaged by it.

Such a diet is widely believed to offer ~ against a number of cancers...

It is clear that the primary duty of parents is to provide ~ for our children...



If an insurance policy gives you ~ against an event such as death, injury, fire, or theft, the insurance company will give you or your family money if that event happens.

The new policy is believed to be the first scheme to offer ~ against an illness.

N-UNCOUNT: oft N against n


If a government has a policy of ~, it helps its own industries by putting a tax on imported goods or by restricting imports in some other way. (BUSINESS)

Over the same period trade ~ has increased in the rich countries.


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